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America is NOT Going to Have a Happy Ending Part 15: Eat Thy Neighbor

Surprisingly, the New York Times did not include recipes and wine suggestions with their article:


This is an example of the news of the day?

If so, America, we are in for a world of hurt.

This excerpt from the story however exposes this garbage shock story as nothing more than a neo-Marxist new globalist idealism with the “psychology” behind cannibalistic stories and movie plots:

More generally, Ms. Summers thinks that the recent spate of cannibalistic plots could also be commentaries on capitalism. “Cannibalism is about consumption and it’s about burning up from the inside in order to exist,” she said. “Burnout is essentially over-consuming yourself, your own energy, your own will to survive, your sleep schedule, your eating schedule, your body.”

She makes me want to vomit. And that’s even if I added my favorite hot sauce to her broasted chicken legs.

We are hitting new lows America. I can’t wait, well, actually I could, to see how far we decline next.

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