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And so it Begins: Peru Imposes Curfew in Lima after Fuel Price Riots Leave 4 Dead

The central banksters of the world apparently didn’t learn their lesson from the 1970’s and the news from Peru is indicative of what is going to spread throughout the Third World nations in the weeks and months ahead. From Al-Jazeera:

Peru fuel protests: President Castillo imposes curfew in Lima

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo has imposed a curfew in the capital Lima in his latest effort to temper a wave of protest triggered by rising fuel and fertiliser costs.

“The cabinet has agreed to declare a ban on the mobility of citizens from 2am [07:00 GMT] through 11:59pm of Tuesday, April 5 to protect the fundamental rights of all people,” Castillo said on Tuesday in an address broadcast nationwide.

The move comes as demonstrations across the country continued into their second week. The government has been unable to bring prices down after the Russian invasion of Ukraine caused a spike in energy, food and fertiliser prices worldwide.

The rising fertiliser prices were triggered by Western sanctions on Russia, a major exporter of potash, ammonia, urea and other soil nutrients.

The explosion in violence is not shocking and as food shortages begin, expect the situation globally to worsen. Thus why the Peruvian military has been deployed to stifle dissent.

More from the article:

At least four people have been killed as the protests became increasingly violent, the government said.

The turmoil erupted last week with farmers and truckers blocking some main highways to Lima, leading to a sudden surge in food prices. Near the southern city of Ica, demonstrators burned toll booths and clashed with police.

“This strike isn’t happening just here, it’s all over Peru,” one protester in Ica, who declined to be identified, told Reuters news agency.

Get ready for this story to be repeated over and over as the inflationary death spiral accelerates on a global scale.

Here is some video coverage from CGTN of the riots in Lima:

Buckle up folks, it’s going to be a long, hot summer.

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