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Billionaire Grocery Store CEO Warns of Food Shortages (video)

The fact that the NY Post and Fox News is starting to pick up on the upcoming major food shortages should be considered a warning shot to the unprepared. The very same people who marched like good little party loyalists into line for vaccines because the government told them to, the same who counted on a government bailout for their collegiate loans, and the same who think that government checks come from money the “wealthy” give to the government, are in for a very rude awakening. The warnings these pages tried to convey last year in the article, Hell Yes I am Hoarding and You Should Too, most sheeple failed to heed these warnings and are now upset that “they were never warned about this.”

The reality of this problem is quite simple:

The government can not fix a supply chain disruption on the scale the United States is witnessing now.

From Fox and Friends yesterday via the New York Post:

This is not America’s typical cold and flu season because during this era, governments are shutting down cities, counties, and in some radical situations, entire states. By placing vaccine mandates on employers in addition to creating impossible economic circumstances for suppliers to remain competitive, the government has in fact worsened an already poor situation.

While most Americans can not conceive of shortages like this, it is a reality in many parts of the second and third world. Former citizens of communist regimes like Cuba and the USSR will readily remind the average American, if they would listen, as to how a Marxist intervention into the economy usually results in the types of shortages the average citizen is beginning to see on a regular basis. The biggest difference is that unlike those nations, the United States has outsourced and globalized the most basic of food supply ingredients used in manufacturing, thus leaving the American consumer more exposed to interruptions from other nations.

The problem with the urea shortage impacting Blue Def availability, fertilizer prices, and the draconian vaccine mandates creating labor shortages has set up a formula for higher inflation up to and probably well past this upcoming summer and an inability to profitably plant crops or harvest them. The video above just highlighting the shortages in meat and eggs is only a warning shot.

By June or July America may hear a word the modern citizen has absolutely zero comprehension about or how it would impact their lives:


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