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DeSantism Goes Global

The obvious thing everyone recognizes is that this article is related to Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida.

But just what the heck is DeSantism?

Under President Trump the media enjoyed the combative back and forth, in many cases succeeding in goading the President into anger or gaffes which they would use against him. Trump’s temperament just was not slick enough to handle the day to day grind of trying to talk to reporters to get them to report actual facts or build up a case to like him in the media; even though he came from their television wasteland.

Fast forward to the past two years of Ron DeSantis in Florida. At first he had a wide open door policy to the media but quickly realized that kissing snakes is not advisable, especially considering the large number of politically venomous critters in our state. So instead of trying the Trump approach, he simply cut them off. Quit talking to them. No interviews, no more wasting time on “their” airwaves and by doing so preventing them from having any legitimacy within his inner circle and ending their ability to claim they understand or know what our Governor is doing.

Needless to say they just made up stories like the Miami Herald and Tampa Bay’s ABC Action News and were further isolated from contact with the Governor’s inner circle.

Fast forward to the OPEC+ press conference this morning in Vienna, Austria. The Saudi Energy Minister went full DeSantis on Reuters because they apparently have adopted the same strategy as our governor, due to their dishonest reporting:

DeSantism is the future.

If the media does not want to report what the minister, governor, or President actually says they lose the privilege to ask any questions or cover them. Forever. And thus are left to make up whatever they want about the event or the leader.

Which is what they do now anyways.

10.06.22 Edit to Add this:

A perfect example of what I am talking about from DeSantis Press Secretary, Jeremy Redfern in response to MSNBC’s request for an interview:

This is how you deal with these propaganda clowns.

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