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Germany Says They Can not Impose Sanctions on Russian Gas; Update at 21:00 UTC – EU Will NOT Impose Sanctions Either

04.04.22 21:00 UTC UPDATE:

From the Irish Times:

No sanctions on Russian gas planned at the moment, EU says

Wow. After all the bravado this past week, it would appear that the Eurowimps will fold and start buying Rubles to keep the flow going.


The European Union is not currently planning to impose sanctions on Russian gas, EU commissioner for economy Paolo Gentiloni has said, amid warnings that the war in Ukraine would slow economic growth this year.

Mr Gentiloni spoke alongside Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe after he chaired a meeting of euro zone finance ministers to discuss the economic impact of the war.

“We are not taking, now, measures on a gas embargo, but in the future I think this is not off the table, and is connected to the evolution of the war,” Mr Gentiloni told the media.

So much for all that “support” that Kiev was planning on from Brussels. Vladimir has to be laughing so hard vodka is spewing from his nose. What a joke the West really has become.

This is more or less a follow up to yesterday’s story where it was revealed that Latvia broke with the European Union dictates and decided to pay for Russian natural gas in Rubles. Then Bulgaria, Moldova, and Slovakia followed suit and do the same.

Now Germany speaks the proverbial power to the truth that everyone knew but would never discuss in public:

Germany says ‘not possible’ to do without Russian gas

But, but, but, the sanctions and Putin Bad crowd said they had to!

More from the story via WION:

On Monday, German Finance Minister Christian Lindner stated that the European Union (EU) will “not be able” to function without Russian gas supplies.

The politician made this statement as the EU prepares to impose further sanctions against Russia in the aftermath of the events in Bucharest.

The question is whether the latest set of sanctions will have an impact on Russian gas, oil, and coal exports.

Right now, it is not possible to cut off gas supplies. We need some time, so we need to differentiate between oil, coal, and gas right now, “Linder said upon arrival at the EU finance ministers’ meeting held in Luxembourg.

The German minister also stated that the suspension of Russian oil and coal imports would be more detrimental to European countries than to Moscow. 

In other words every sanction which would have the teeth to bite the Russian government is backfiring and the Euroweenies once again show that “peace in our time” is more important as a slogan than rather than taking an actual course of action.

Regardless, inflation in the EU is going to be surreal and will remind everyone of the shortcomings of the ideals behind globalism. America’s turn, because of decades of bad pro-globalist policy, is next.

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