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If the Attack on US Troops in Syria (or Jordan) Was a Big Deal, Markets Would be Crashing

So chill ladies.

For those who have spent their days absorbed by the Taylor Swift mania, the United States had three soldiers killed, up to 34 wounded in a successful drone attack against the US Al-Tanf base in southeastern Syria.

The Iran backed Islamic Resistance in Iraq claimed outright responsibility for the attack as they have others in Kurdistan and other US bases of operation inside of Iraq. The United States immediately claimed it was an attack on the “Tower 22” location inside of Jordan which the government in Amman denied.

Thus the fearmongers began their usual series of social media promotions that the United States was about to or should attack Iran and that the big world war was about to begin.


If there was a serious effort beginning to launch a massive reprisal attack against Iran in the next 72 hours oil, gold, and US equity future would reflect this. As of 10 p.m. ET tonight, January 28th, nothing of the sort is happening.

The bigger concern should be focused on China, but God forbid anyone pay too much attention to what has been happening there.

When it’s time to freak out, trust me, this webpage will be there at the forefront.

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  1. Igor Igor 01/29/2024

    What, me WORRY?

    • Awwdorable Monstah Awwdorable Monstah 01/29/2024

      “Steady Igor. Now is not the time for fear. That comes later.”

      – Bane

  2. Daniel Barger Daniel Barger 01/29/2024

    The markets ignore this because they know Pedo Joe and the cross dressing cowards at the Pentagon have no intention of doing a damn thing in response.

  3. tom tom 01/29/2024

    I would think that there would be negative action in the markets as the lack of a response shows the US as a “paper tiger”. More importantly, it seems as though our troops are being used as cannon fodder in Iraq, Syria, and now Jordan. I have no confidence in the upper ranks of the US Military. Obama conducted purges years back clearing out generals and admirals who stood with the US Constitution and espoused American values. Now we have Marxists at the top of our military. Domestically, we are looking at a similar picture with regard to the police/law enforcement agencies.
    The US dollar is only backed by our military. If we are weak , or perceived to be weak, so will the dollar.

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