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IF the Missile Strike from Russia On Poland was Real Gold Would be Here

Calm down sheeple.

I actually heard Sean Hannity, the armchair Patton of our generation, call for a retaliatory strike against Russia today because a “missile” hit Poland today and because of that NATO or Poland had to respond.

Of course General Ignorance has not clue as to what he speaks of.

The logical explanation, somewhat confirmed tonight as of this posting at 0400 UTC, is that a Ukrainian S-300 missed its target and landed in Poland killing two farmers. While I feel bad for the families of the Poles, is Ukrainian incompetence really a reason to start World War III?

Besides, if this really was a “Russian attack” on NATO, gold would not be this boring:

In reality, gold, futures or physical, would be north of $2500 per ounce as everyone with fiat money would be cashing out.

So get out of your bomb shelters and chill.

It’s not on.


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  1. Daniel Barger Daniel Barger 11/16/2022

    Of course this was accidental. Firing just one missile at a farm is pointless militarily. And I can’t see any advantage to do so deliberately. Question is which side screwed up. It was a Russian missile…. Ukraine has plenty of weapons sourced from Russia. It could have been just crappy Russian hardware doing what crappy Russian hardware does. Both sides are incentivized to lie about it. What can be said is once more we are unlikely to know the whole truth about this. The truth is always the first casualty of conflict.

  2. Hey Booms! Hey Booms! 11/16/2022

    Hannity is a plastic idiot.

  3. PeteForester1 PeteForester1 11/16/2022

    Hannity is still whining about “the dossier.” I don’t see how people still watch and listen to that guy! Listening to him talk is like listening to an engine cranking that won’t start!

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