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It’s All Falling Apart: Bangladesh Edition

Remember boys and girls, it all starts with the third world or “emerging market” nations before it rotates back home to the West.

And it will come home to roost without warning before any of the masses can claim they are “prepared” for it.

Today’s version of America’s tomorrow is in Bangladesh:

And more via Indian TV:

It got bloody as this Twitter user reports below.

This is only the start of this on a global scale.

There are some Twitter posters who are falling for the old trap of posting older protests as “new” but keep in mind, the situation is deteriorating as reported below. From ANI:

Protest erupts in Bangladesh over record hike in fuel prices

And from The Straits Times:

Record Bangladesh fuel hike triggers huge queues, protests


Motorcycle riders raced to fuel stations nationwide to try and fill up before the price rise went into effect. Some stations paused sales, and sporadic protests broke out.

Demonstrators said the increases would disproportionately hit the country’s tens of millions of poor people, who use diesel to power transport and farming irrigation pumps.

In Sylhet city, retailers tried to impose the higher prices immediately after the hike was announced, Police Commissioner Md. Nisharul Arif said. “People gathered and protested in front of all the fuel pumps.”

There were similar protests in other cities, taking off from demonstrations staged earlier in the week.

Maybe if they just all ate chocolate covered bugs that would make them happy and compliant with the WEF.

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