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It’s All Falling Apart – Brazil Edition (Video)

While riots, protests, and absolute insanity is spreading across the world, apparently the oversight of the World Economic Forum having to deal with armed gangs, especially narcoterrorists is no more apparent than what happened in Brazil today.

(h/t: ArmchairWarlord for posting these Twitter feeds)

Seriously? They can get heavy machine guns but my local gun show can not sell them to me? What the hell? The Dimocrats said we can buy them and nuclear weapons. But wait, there is more…

And more…

Man oh man, this is no longer gang level activity…

Just how does one get all these heavy machine guns? Maybe Senator Pocahauntus could tell us what new laws we need in the good old USA to block us from guns we can not get:

It wasn’t just in the air, the gangster revolutionaries engaged the Brazilian military on the ground:

Poverty is out of control.

The globalist banks are attempting to destroy the governments that resist their plan.

And now the global media might ignore it, but there are outbreaks of open warfare in the streets.

This is just the beginning, much like China last night.

Coming here soon.

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