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It’s all Falling Apart: Ecuador Disintegrates into Chaos (Videos 18+)

I take one week off to fix a nightmare with one of our clients (software and security related) and what happens?

Things appear to be busing at the seams and falling apart on a global scale. Tonight’s edition, an homage to the 2023 series focuses on Ecuador which appears to have devolved into a state of civil war if one is to believe the headline from the UK Daily Mail today.

Ecuador erupts in ‘civil war’ with cartel thugs: President orders the army onto streets as crazed criminals rampage through cities – with TV station seized, university attacked and jail guards executed following escape of mob boss

The violence started after the escape by a cartel boss and escalated quickly. Many thanks to Sulaiman Ahmed for his excellent work documenting and posting the videos on X/Twitter.

The game show being raided on live television by cartel members in Guayaquil was a stunning sight to behold, with the host obviously thinking he was a dead man as he nervously spoke to the gunmen.

The fighting expanded beyond the prison and into the streets all over the nation where policemen got into protracted battles with cartel members and in some cases where they were taken hostage, executed.

These videos might be disturbing to some, so my readers are being forewarned.

As the cartel members surfaced throughout the nation, they attempted to take more hostages to intimidate the government, including unarmed college students.

Also, many innocent civilians were caught in the crossfire.

It was not a safe day for anyone on the streets of the major cities in Ecuador.

Quito was under siege all day long with gun battles, car bombs, fire bombings, and more. In the video below, the police are ambushed and executed by cartel members.

The President of Ecuador, Daniel Noboa, said there will be no negotiations with the cartels and for all practical purposes declared martial law.

The cartel has surrendered in some parts of the country, but the fighting has been brutally violent and continues into the evening.

The military is deploying around the country and by tomorrow, the situation should stabilize a little so the government can regain some control of the major cities at a minimum.

Welcome to 2024.

The year of Chaos.

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  1. Daniel Barger Daniel Barger 01/10/2024

    Coming to a city near you…and sooner than you might think.

  2. tom tom 01/10/2024

    Wake up America! We have had major problems with gangs before this. It will get worse. Think of your wives and children!

  3. Awwdorable Monstah Awwdorable Monstah 01/10/2024

    Annihilate them. And then find their families…

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