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It’s All Falling Apart – Ghana Edition (Video)

In the massive video thread I posted last week, I hinted that it was only going to get worse.

It is.

Nations which the West viewed as stable and able to survive even the most basic of economic downturns are imploding thanks to a designed monetary global inflation to create a new national dependency class to eradicate nationalism and domestic idealism.

Ghana, sadly, is one of those nations in the World Economic Forum cross hairs. Remember this video?

It got worse today:

But it started peacefully…

Bibiani mine demonstration leaves six with gunshot wounds

Of course, the WEF could not care. It’s part of the plan. Just ask the teachers who were not included:

Ghana: 4 Teacher Unions Down Tools Nationwide … Declare Strike to Press Home Demand for Cola

It’s only going to spread and get worse internationally, so buckle up as the summer of discontent spreads to formerly peaceful nations.

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