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It’s All Falling Apart – Panama Edition (Videos)

Before I go into a long rant posting the video, newspaper stories, and social media links about the situation in the nation of Panama, I must disclose a personal interest. I have not only family but friends who have retired (near David) and some of whom still work there. Generally speaking, despite the US inspired corruption of the government, it has been a peaceful nation which has been a decent place for expatriates and retirees to relocate.The information I have received is that a lot of the riots and protests are attributable to leftist or pro-Marxist organizations but now has spread throughout the general population due to the government corruption and lack of management regarding the inflationary problems beleaguering the economy.

In other words, they are just copying the USA model on a smaller, more violent scale.

God help them all.

Video and story highlights from the past week to follow.

Needless to say after the July 17th protests, the intelligent Panamanians stocked up on fresh food:

Needless to say, peaceful negotiations with the government failed that day:

Of course the violence only worsened:


The #Panama embraces after 16 days of general strike against high prices and corruption. Protesters stole a police car in Santiago de Veraguas before setting it on fire #inflation

Of course the US Navy is on station with a missile cruiser and destroyer or frigate (hard to tell from the video) to monitor the riots and prepare to keep the Panama Canal open:

The consequences of the riots, highway blockades, and protests is of course hitting the lower and middle class where it hurts:

Needless to say the local newspapers and other stories from the region display great disorder and the potential collapse of this nation’s economy and government systems designed to maintain dome degree of order.

The Great Alliance for Panama arises, which asks to be included in the single dialogue table

Chiriquí business associations call for the immediate reopening of the Inter-American Highway

Alliances respond to the Government’s proposal and defend the 30% decrease in the cost of the Basic Food Basket

They give until Monday for the Government to reopen the country’s roads

Panama on the verge of social explosion after three weeks of widespread protests

Teachers’ strike continues, say unions at a single dialogue table

Industrialists demand to be included at the dialogue table 

All translations via Google Translate for these stories and headlines.

What the world is witnessing, one small nation at a time for now, is the total disintegration of the existing order.

Almost as if there will be louder calls, nay, demands for a ‘great reset’ where equality of economic opportunity is spread out from a central authority.

Buckle up.

America is the last name on the list to be forced to conform.

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