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Lithuania Refuses to Abide by EU Agreement on Kaliningrad

Apparently the regime in Vilnius wants to start World War III. From LRT:

Lithuania is not just taking EC commands on Kaliningrad transit – president’s adviser


“First of all, transit countries should not be limited to Lithuania only. Goods from mainland Russia can also reach Kaliningrad via Latvia or Poland, and we have to keep in mind the fact that if there’s an agreement on how it should travel, it has to be in place for everyone,” the president’s adviser noted.

“Lithuania’s policy so far has been to ban and control the transit of sanctioned goods. The moment of control must remain in place, and when someone speaks in public about ‘green corridors’, there can be no talking about Lithuania not controlling what is happening on its territory, where it is happening and why it is happening,” Skaisgirytė said.

Lithuania banned the transit of steel and ferrous metals through its territory from mainland Russia to Kaliningrad after the EU sanctions, adopted in mid-March, came into force on June 17.

For some reason I do not think the EU nor the Lithuanians understand the gravity of their actions. Putin’s patience is wearing thing quite quickly and the EU can not afford any Russian economic retaliation at this time.

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