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No Reason to Panic, Only a 100% Death Rate in China Among this Quarantined Family

by John Galt
19.02.20 17:40 ET

This is not your Mom and Dad’s 1918 Spanish Flu:

Chinese film director Chang Kai and family die from coronavirus

Excerpt from The Guardian UK:

A Chinese film director, his sister, mother and father have all died from the coronavirus, the latest high-profile victims of the disease in Wuhan, the city at the centre of the outbreak.

Chang Kai, 55, died on 14 February. His parents died over the previous two weeks, after the family spent days together in self-quarantine, the Chinese magazine Caixin reported. Chang’s sister died hours after he did, and his wife is in a serious condition.

Death rates in Wuhan and surrounding Hubei provinces have been higher than in the rest of China and beyond. Many patients reported struggling to find a bed in hospitals filled far beyond capacity, even as the government built new hospitals and converted spaces like an exhibition centre into makeshift medical centres.

Others have died despite intensive medical care including a whistleblower doctor and the head of a hospital. An environmental activist and his wife are also thought to have been killed by coronavirus, although they were not tested for the disease.

Holy freaking crap. So after lies that it was “contained” and not that virulent, here we got with a story destroying the narrative. So much for reality.

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