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Preparedness Warning: So Now What?

For the first time in US history a former President of the United States is being hunted like a rabid dog. International instability is at an all time high. Wars are breaking out everywhere. Nations are rioting against their leadership and the World Economic Forum’s Modern Monetary Theory which has destroyed emerging market currencies and economies around the world. Now the “green” movement which is about extracting money from the lower and middle class to tax them all to be serfs and make the elites even wealthier.

The raid on former President Donald J. Trump’s residence is nothing more than a footnote now. The distraction created by the junta in D.C. is only temporary as global monetary powers re-evaluate the stability of America as the leader of the free world.

Worse, the “big money” domestically and overseas are starting to realize that there is cause for concern about the ability of the United States to engage in and absorb the World Economic Forum program in a peaceful manner.

Thus, the existing economic conditions introduced before the lightning fast irrational introduction of political instability after last night (which should have started after Ruby Ridge) is now a major issue not just for the globe, but for the average American citizen; whether they like it or not.

So now what?

A quick review of recent stories and headlines should wake up those in a slumber but I fear that the government’s ability to hypnotize and distract is far stronger than the raw survival instinct. I hope that those of you who pay attention will quit listening to simps like Glenn Beck who thinks we will all march down the streets with our AR-15’s (bleh) because the FBI raided Mir-A-Lago. Only a fool looing for ratings and radio survival would believe that.

There is not going to be a long term peaceful solution to the problems America is about to endure once food shortages and economic crisis intersect.

That intersection could occur, and probably will, within the next sixty days.

So now what does the unprepared soul do who lives in a place like New York City or BFE, Iowa? For one, the idea of a “bug out bag” for New York City where one has been disarmed is a joke. In fact there is only one solution:

Get Out Now.

Otherwise, leave emails and notifications for your next of kin with a kiss-kiss emoji and begging for lots of thoughts and prayers.

For the rest of you, start stocking now. The financial cost will be high, but hell, you waited, not me. Do not blame those of us saying “we told you so” for telling you this is it.

And I mean this is it.


From the Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture:

PA Ag Sec. discusses ‘potential’ food shortage impacting global markets in coming months


Inflation has caused some farmers to cut back seed purchases and crop treatment programs, and the increase in gas prices for their machinery, as well as the ongoing supply chain issues and weather-related issues have all played a role.

“There are clearly pockets of pain across the state. We’ve seen it this year. Mainly more than others, because of some of climate related issues, the flood issues and Ukraine situation. I think the sensitivity on the front side of the production year, with extremely high costs and how the markets will respond. I look at all of that, that is all true.”

It only gets worse, from CNBC:

Food prices fell sharply in July — but the respite may not last

Why will it not last?

Transportation costs dropped thanks to a temporary drop in diesel prices, but reality is about to set in this autumn. From the article:

But the FAO said that while the drop in food prices “from very high levels” is “welcome,” there are doubts over whether the good news will last.

“Many uncertainties remain, including high fertilizer prices that can impact future production prospects and farmers’ livelihoods, a bleak global economic outlook, and currency movements, all of which pose serious strains for global food security,” FAO chief economist Maximo Torero said in a press release.

The FAO food price index, which tracks the monthly change in the global prices of a basket of food commodities, fell 8.6% in July from the month before. In June, the index fell just 2.3% month on month.

However, the index in July was still 13.1% higher than July 2021.

The average American schmuck will think “that doesn’t affect me” until it does.

In fact the cattle industry has been warning that prices are about to skyrocket:

Cash Cattle Market Begins August With A Rally

Oof. And it did:

This is not going to end well. CNET highlights this fact:

Food Shortages in 2022: These Grocery Items Will Be Scarce


Popular grocery items like baby formulaSriracha sauce and tampons have been hard to find for the past few months, and Hershey candy could be next. A variety of problems are causing these shortages, from the supply chain issues caused by the pandemic to the ongoing war in Ukraine. There’s also the drought and high temperatures many countries are facing due to climate change. Right now, it’s unclear when the supply for these items will bulk back up.

These products are harder to find, and if you do find them, you’ll notice the prices have increased thanks to shortages and inflation. Tampon prices, for example, have risen by nearly 10% in 2022.

It is not going to get better. In fact, things should get substantially worse as the risk of China invading Taiwan, the West Coast ports labor problem getting worse, and an incompetent government blocking common sense solutions should raise everyone’s awareness levels.

Yet the sheeple do not pay attention.

If you can, and I know everyone can not, this is the moment of final preparation. Yes, I admit I advertise low cost long term food solutions on my web page. But in reality one can do this at an Aldi’s, a Dollar Tree, or even a WalMart. Time is of the essence. Shortages are coming.

So now what?

Prepare, or sadly, submit to your new masters.

Or starve.

The choice is yours.

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