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President Biden Completes the Jimmy Carter Hat Trick: War, Inflation, Gas Lines

I want to be the first to congratulate President Joe “Senile” Biden on doing what many of us thought would be impossible to achieve in our longer lifetimes:

The Jimmy Carter Hat Trick

For those of you who are not hockey aficionados, a “hat trick” is when a player scores three goals. This has been something that within less than 120 days of his junta assuming the role of the President, Biden succeeded in bringing back every bad memory of President Jimmy Carter, officially America’s worst modern President.

As they used to say in the hockey games of the 1970’s, let’s review the tape and see how Senile Joe scored these three goals:

I. Wars and Instability on a Global Scale

The headlines, videos, and stories speak for themselves:

Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan soldiers involved in border clashes

Chad President Killed in Battle with Rebels; Son to Lead Ruling Military Council

Russia keeping 80K troops at border amid NATO exercise, US officials say

In Colombia, death toll following protests mounts as unrest continues

Taiwan reports largest incursion yet by Chinese air force

At least three killed as Iranian fuel tanker attacked off Syria

Houthis Attack Saudi Aramco Site in Oil Refinery Town of Jazan

And this is just a small list of small fires around the world which seems to grow larger and more intense by the day. Meanwhile, Senile Joe is putting a “lid” on his day around 2 p.m. daily and not even bothering to address the problems with his incompetent foreign policy staff.

II. Gas Lines

When one is my age, the memories of the 1970’s look like this when I was sixteen and trying to buy gas for my first car:

Little did I ever imagine after President Donald Trump’s policies of achieving American energy independence that the leadership in Washington, D.C. would ever allow this again:

Gas shortage fears fuel panic buying; could impact summer travel

Congrats to President Joe “Call me Jimmy” Biden for achieving the ultimate in incompetence by not using the contingency plans President Trump had in place for such an event and instead just going to bed at 2 p.m. every day for your nap-nap.

III. Inflation

This morning’s inflation data only confirms what the American people already knew:

Inflation surges in April as consumer prices leap 4.2%, fastest since 2008

The reports this morning do not do the data justice as the supply chain issues are so bad, the real inflationary shock is still about two months away where when the energy crisis impact is added on top of this, a monthly reading over 5% is not unlikely. The report above highlights just how bad the current junta really is at “managing” the economy they claim to have full control over. It also is nothing to brag about that it is the greatest rate of change since 2008; when the second worst President in American history, George W. Bush, was in charge.

To provide some perspective, here are the charts from the Federal Reserve Economic Data website:

Jimmy Carter:

Joe “Senile” Biden:

I used the non-seasonally adjusted data to provide a more raw look at the data and rate of change as it does reflect close to the reality the average American felt in the 1970’s. At this current rate of change on a year over year basis, President Jimmy Carter Biden will surpass the original Jimmy Carter’s annualized rate of inflation by July of this year. To make matters worse, the economic education of our society is poor at best, meaning that the young will have zero comprehension as to what is happening but will blame everyone except their own votes for this group of garbage and graft in power now.

Let’s see if Old Joe can wake up from his nap-nap long enough to get America mired in another bloody war that serves no purpose but to kill tens of thousands of America’s youth. Then he can add the LBJ trophy to his collection of dark awards he is beginning to accumulate.

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