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Russian Financial Retaliation Begins: Starve MFers

Ok, perhaps not that blunt.

But in reality, in less than 48 hours since the West essential proclaimed the Great Big Mac Ban on Moscow, Russia decided to crush the nations sanctioning them by hitting them where it hurts:

In their size 50 waistbands.

From the Russian news agency TASS earlier today (translation via Google):

Russia will impose a temporary ban on the export of grain and sugar


“The decisions are aimed at ensuring the country’s food security and will help protect the domestic market in the current conditions. At the same time, there are still opportunities for cooperation with the EAEU countries,” the ministry’s representative said.

Grain restrictions, according to the Ministry of Economic Development, will affect wheat and meslin, rye, barley and corn. At the same time, an exception will be provided for supplies under export licenses issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

“According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, at present, the grain supply in Russia exceeds 150%. At the same time, a temporary ban on exports will prevent the overflow of agricultural products, given that the EAEU countries have already made the necessary volumes of purchases in the current season in duty-free mode “, the message says.

That’s going to hit some fat people where it hurts. But wait, there is more, via SeekingAlpha:

Russia to “temporarily” suspend fertilizer exports

Oof. For those nations that did not side with Russia, this could get real expensive, real quick. Long before the war broke out, there were already many shortages and massive price increases in ammonia and nitrate based fertilizer products, not counting direct fertilizer manufactured products from China and Russia.

For those not aware of what this means, here is a projection from Statista of current and future food exports from Russia as of early 2022 (pre-war period):

Via Statista

That’s going to leave a major hole in European food supplies no matter what the Biden Junta promises.

Add in the fertilizer shortage and a global famine, depending on US allocations of grains and fertilizer now hangs like Damocles Sword over the global economy.

The idea that Western companies can blackmail a nation with a proud nationalist heritage is a joke; the idea that Putin can be “threatened” by blocking KFC buckets is a bigger one.

The economic war is now in full swing. Let’s see how long Europe can hang on as that decides the fate of the Western world.

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