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Some Blunt Force Economic Reality

by John Galt
22.02.20 23:00 ET

I have literally heard some of the most amazing, astonishing, and creative bullcrap from our political leadership and so-called economic “experts” over the past 72 hours. Thus leading me to apply some blunt force trauma to the morons and disbelievers who think that the n-Cov19, Covid-19, whatever PC name for the Wuhan Coronavirus wants to apply.

The reality is as follows:

Sick people do not show up for work.

Dead people do not buy cars.

Sick people do not sacrifice themselves for the state.

Dead people do not buy houses.

Sick people do not buy gasoline or other oil products.

Dead people do not show up to work on the rigs.

Sick people do not go on vacation.

Dead people do not go to Disney anything.

Sick people do not go to sporting events, concerts, or movies.

Dead people are bad for ratings.

Sick people do not pay their bills.

Dead people do not care about defaulting on banks.

Sick people don’t care about their iPhone doing anything beyond dialing 9-1-1.

Dead people don’t buy i-Anything.

Sick people check on their insurance status.

Dead people cause the insurance industry to fail.

Sick people who know they are dying lose all hope.

Dead people don’t care about Presidential Polls or CDC advisories.

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