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Taiwan: This is the Kind of BS Gibberish From America’s Think Tanks

I’ll just leave this here…

So far so good. I can not disagree with any of these points.

Babblespeak translation:

I am clueless as F**K but have a cool title for reference.

C.Y.A. statement there buddy.

But it gets better:

The risks are real but nothing should happen so don’t panic. In the modern newspeak it means that this idiot who is being paid taxpayer dollars to influence policy decisions is as clueless as asking a cat for its opinion on Taiwan.

The Queen does not care.

Oh and this clown? Yeah, here is his profile page on Twitter highlighting his qualifications to say he’s an idiot:

THAT should answer any question as to why our nation’s foreign policy is officially in the crapper.

And has been for 3 decades now.

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