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The Assault On America By the Uniparty Continued Today

The circus came to town in Miami this afternoon and thankfully I was not in the area for it, conducting business some 200 miles north of the show. The Federal Government brought its ginned up case, which unfortunately has some merit, up to the Federal Courthouse and former President Trump was arraigned as scheduled.

The Uniparty could not be happier.

As frequent readers of my social media are aware, I am no longer a Trump supporter. The out of control spending from 2018 forward in addition to the Mengele like controls he unleashed via the Plandemic demonstrated to this writer he was incapable of an independent or conservative thought without a poll or direction. And that direction was from the very “deep state” he promised to rid our citizens of.

Where does this leave America now?

On the verge of an economic, military, and political disaster of historic proportions, akin to 1932 Germany, the collapse of Czarist Russia, or worse.

I’m gong to go with worse which means that the Uniparty will probably succeed.

This begs the question, what would a total Uniparty victory over the American people look like?

First and foremost, total state control over everything, political thought, personal property, the economic system, and the imposition of a caste system for the masses versus the elites within the party. The terms “Democrat” and “Republican” become irrelevant relics of historical discussion as the needs of the nation outweighs the freedoms both sides promised to protect and expand.

Economically, the Uniparty is in the process for preparing the citizenry for the final collapse. The air traffic system used by the general population is strained to the maximum and in the process of imploding. Service, sanitation, and safety are distant afterthoughts because if one can not afford to fly in a private jet, screw them, let them fly like the farm animals that they are.

The domestic transportation surface networks are not much better. Roads and bridges are massively in disrepair. The railroad system, set up as an oligopoly between several billionaires and shareholder groups attempted to put over the road truckers out of business using the Clinton, Bush, then Obama administrations to regulate them out of profitability. Thus instead of improving their own safety, our trains now operate on systems which should remind everyone of the novel, Atlas Shrugged.

The last stage of the new economic order is already begun. The process of finalizing and preparing to seize and control all or a portion of assets owned by US citizens denominated in whatever currency or investment has being taken out for a test drive by the authorities ever since they received the approval to do so in 2009. Cyprus seizing 10% of all the bank accounts was a happy go lucky Disney Pride parade compared to the nightmare the Federal Reserve and FDIC have in mind with their new authoritarian powers.

Politically, the corruption is overwhelming to the point where if an elected official isn’t being bribed by a domestic cabal or foreign nation, that becomes even more suspicious than those that do. Decisions are being made based on whether or not they personally can enrich themselves and leave office immune from prosecution before everything collapses. Meanwhile, while Trump was pushing the clot shot on everyone, conveniently, these same elected leaders decided they were exempt from a vaccine mandate; as well as insider trading, illegal seizure of private property, and engaging in war profiteering on the backs of US soldiers and those poor bastards in other nations.

Lastly, the United States military has been hollowed out. It is no longer a strong, substantive fighting force capable of engaging in a massive world war like those in the 20th Century. Manpower is not the issue because the US is now trading citizenship for service, regardless of the legality of the alien applying for service. The truth is if a conventional conflict were to occur against China and/or Russia, the US would run out of munitions and spare parts within weeks, leaving the big red button as the only alternative. But why? Because the Uniparty and its profiteers devised a system where outsourcing our raw material and intermediate goods used in weapons production to the very nations who hold a knife at Lady Liberty’s neck.

Thus bringing us to today. Historically, Presidents have never been held accountable for their actions in office, much less afterwards. Hell, if this standard was applied properly, most of our leaders would already be doing rotations in Gitmo. Today, an inept arrogant fool found out that the Uniparty was deadly serious. Less than 1,000 of his supporters arrived to protest in his favor, the media was split on alleged party lines with its coverage, and the results were that despite having to post bond, Trump turned it into a campaign opportunity to raise money and popularity. Thus it is quite hard to believe he is taking this as seriously as he should.

The reality is that if Trump does not bow down and play ball by taking a plea deal offer for this case and probably the January 6th case, the Federal prosecutions will move forward and if not probation, odds are they will attempt to throw him in prison for five long years or more. His failure to hire competent help in addition to the corruption of our government and the entire judicial system gave the Uniparty the opening it needed to engage in this persecution and prosecution of Mr. Trump.

Now he has to decide if his ego and personal fortune are more important than avoiding jail.

Because the Uniparty always wins.

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