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The European Union Decides to Sanction Itself

This morning, the news broke bright and early that the European Union had decided to launch a secondary wave of sanctions on Russia for the invasion of Ukraine and the alleged war crimes committed by Russia.

Of course, that won’t stop the Euro elites from buying Russian caviar or vodka from Turkey so the truth is these sanctions are more against Russian industrialists and will directly affect the Eastern European nations which are poorer in a more impactful way economically. Because if anyone thinks that German wood or cement products are cheaper than Russian, they have not spent any time in the purchasing arena.

For the record, I’m still getting my Russian vodka, so suck it Biden:

Then this popped from the unicorn crowd in Brussels:

The EU is only “proposing” getting rid of coal imports at this time, but since the EU imports 46.7% of their coal from Russia it is highly unlikely they will be finding a replacement overnight; even if the spoiled youth of jolly old England and Germany were forced to get back to work in a filthy place like a coal mine.

Thus the twits that run the EU are once again sanctioning themselves with their holier than thou proclamations of how they must do “something” to support Ukraine and punish Russia, while out of the other side of their mouth cutting side deals with Moscow because they are all terrified of the domestic discontent energy rationing and an economic downturn would bring. The truth is the sanctions will not hurt Russia that much but more so the middle class businessman and intermediaries who sell Russian products within the EU bloc.

Time to see if once again, like Senile Joe, if the clown show in Brussels is all talk as usual.

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