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The SCOTUS Provides Cover for the Federal Reserve

There is a belief in the land of conspiracy world that the Federal government has a protection racket when things are about to change for the worse in our nation. Before the crash of 2008 and Great Financial Crisis which almost shut down our nation, the theme that a “war hero” was running for President against a young black Senator which would distract the masses from the reset of our economic reality.

In the end, Obama promised to prosecute those responsible for kicking millions out of their homes, stealing and destroying pension and retirement programs, and for the hidden transfer of wealth from the 95% to the 1% that the Federal Reserve agreed to with other global Central Banks. President George W. Bush, a leader who rightfully was derided for this action agreed to the first reset in November of 2008 shortly after the election with little fanfare:

Declaration of the Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy

Most individuals were distracted by the meaningless election where the Joe Biden of the GOP, McCain, was curb stomped by Obama and the G20 met to partition the American middle class assets among the world’s bankers in secret. In the end, none of the major banks were prosecuted for their political activities and President Obama and his friends made hundreds of millions of dollars as a result while he was in office as a reward for ignoring the malfeasance of the financial community while installing a permanent system of corruption at all levels of the Federal Government.

Fast forward to this month, and more specifically, this week. Inflation is out of control and will only accelerate this summer. The world is on the brink of a famine unseen since the end of the two World Wars, perhaps since the Dark Ages. Wars are happening in Europe, the Middle East, and soon probably involving the most populated country in the world, China. America is a hollow shell of a power and the Pax Americana is over, as I posted after the Afghanistan debacle which means that global instability will only get worse, not better, along with domestic discontent.

What better way to provide cover for a major financial crisis to begin by shouting “Squirrel!” as loud as possible to bring the left and right culture warriors together just as the Federal Reserve will announce they are going to crash the US economy.

Politico leaked the story last night about the Supreme Court voting to overturn Roe v. Wade which sets the stage for a week of public consternation:

Supreme Court has voted to overturn abortion rights, draft opinion shows

Without getting into the minutia, let’s just say that the unprecedented leak of a draft opinion will first point the finger at the staff of leftist Justice Sonya Sotomayor. I think this is an error. The truth is that the “insider” who leaked this is the same Supreme Court Justice who has proved that they are part of the larger cabal of globalist elites that works hand in hand with international and domestic leaders that want a “Great Reset” of America’s governance and economic system forever.

The odds are one of the liberal court Justice’s clerks will get the blame to “change the narrative” or try to reverse the decision, but that is a simplistic viewpoint to obscure a much larger reality. The “conservative” media and its minions will run with that story as will the mainstream media, thus covering for the real culprit.

If there were any Justice in Supreme Court history worthy of scorn and derision it is the one and only Chief Justice John Roberts. His willingness to compromise basic Constitutional principles to cover for the corruption of the financial system and leaders of our nation is astonishingly beyond the pale if one takes the time to review his record on the court. The Fauci of the SCOTUS probably had is staff leak this draft to cover for another branch of the globalist government now in charge, but why?

The Federal Reserve is going to take a course of action which will be appalling to many, including the Bubblevision’s so-called experts. While that story will go ignored under the abortion maelstrom, the end of Quantitative Easing, along with the liquidation of the garbage in the central bank’s portfolio will begin. Asia will no longer by the sucker, er, buyer of last resort so odds are the garbage will be liquidated through the Cayman Island hedge funds of the member banks, along with the worst bonds imposed on the government and private pension plans with false guarantees of the portfolio’s viability and stability.

This will prove to be highly inflationary in the short term as the US Treasury will be forced to increase the money supply to absorb this “inventory” of MBS and God knows what other turds are buried to ensure the liquidation appears to be orderly. The Federal Reserve has lost control of its ability to maintain price stability so as this portfolio is offloaded on to the market at a larger than anticipated $100 billion per month pace which would be shocking under normal circumstances, the masses will be screaming “Roe v. Wade” instead of watching their economic futures destroyed. Starting by August, CPI-U (the worst measure) prints of over 10% will become routine as a result as in reality inflation will rage well above 25%.

But let’s all ignore the conspiracy theory and ask one more question; why did the Federal Reserve Bank in Washington, D.C. erect a brand new security fence weeks ago if something dramatic was not about to happen?

In the end, the sheeple will own nothing, and they will like it. Enjoy your shit show America, you’ve earned it by voting and supporting a system of governance from your easy chair for over 50 years now.

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