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This Video is Why The WEF is Scared of Losing

Folks, this video sums it all up. It’s by a gentleman with the handle “helpinghorsesheal” on TikTok said it all:

(Not safe for work, profanity)


♬ original sound – Helpinghorsesheal

This fine gentleman is someone I could sit down with and have a bottle of whiskey with.

The reality is far grimmer for our future though. This attitude permeates the far west of Canada where he is, and the South and West of the United States. The governments in control of both nations are so arrogant they think that they can just force the masses to surrender to their will.

It’s a mistake made many times in history and the World Economic Forum will soon find that out should they persist.

As a side note, if anyone can get some information about his charity in Alberta, please email me at and I will be more than happy to donate to the cause. I love the people who help mistreated or abandoned horses and mules as there are not enough good souls to save them all.

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