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Truth and Consequences

The old timers scream at my headline that the game show was “Truth or Consequences” but one could only wish this was a black and white television show. The election results are now settling and the consequences for the future of America are going to be very, very dark.

These pages made a prognostication that there would be a “red wave” which would be the counter to the insanity thrust upon the American people by the Biden junta. I was wrong. The corruption of individual state’s election processes along with the uniparty turning a blind eye to domestic government spending being laundered through overseas shell corporations to buy elections is far worse than I ever imagined.

Now I am beginning to understand the fear of the German people in 1931 and the feelings of Romans in 476 A.D.


First some truth which will not endear me to the Trumptard community. The election results were not because of Trump campaigning and selecting weak candidates to endorse and promote. It played a part in it, but his bloviating during the rallies did nothing to move the needle outside of producing contributions to his campaign and Super PAC which he sparsely disbursed to the losing candidates he selected.

Secondly, his failure to lay the groundwork for a comeback is being impeded by his constant whining about the 2020 election results instead of instituting and endorsing solutions to the rampant, and obvious, election fraud in our nation. He decided it was more important to make everything about himself than the greater good of our nation and is future.

Lastly, the hard reality is that Trump’s stupidity of trusting the “swamp” he hated so much resulted in much of the destruction the GOP has just witnessed. For example, this beaut from November 11, 2020 via Reuters:

Trump endorses McDaniel to remain RNC chair, ponders 2024 run

So the individual who cost Trump his re-election in 2020, cost the GOP key House and Senate races was good enough to keep in charge of the party? That’s on Trump and she should have been replaced after the 2018 disaster.

But wait, there’s more.

Check this story out from the Washington Times on November 4, 2022 just days before this election fiasco:

Trump says he regrets McConnell endorsement, wants Senate to ‘impeach’ leader

Seeing a pattern here?

Trump Taps John Kelly As New White House Chief Of Staff

That story is via NPR from July of 2017. Retired General John Kelly was about as swampy as one gets yet Trump continued to hire McConnell approved staffers and cabinet officers along with doing what the insiders told him to do. The Trumptards went on a rampage against anyone pointing these facts out saying he was playing 4D super Vulcan chess and that we were just doubting the bigliest brained guy in US history.

That’s enough and the end of my Trump discussions. He was a decent President with so many character and management flaws the consequences of his actions and inaction is still be felt to this day. I will let the usual suspects hash it out on social media and talk radio but the reality is undeniable:

Trump’s legacy is a failure, just like many of his business ventures.


There are consequences for what just happened. The Republican Party, a group of country club failures residing in Washington, D.C. and not acting in the interests of the people as a whole, lost any hope of control of the US Senate overnight as this story from RedState last night warns:

BREAKING: Democrats Will Retain Control of the Senate

A great candidate for the US Senate lost his race in Nevada last night but his threat to the party apparatus was too great so as the ballots were acquired by the Democrats this week to seize the win, the GOP leadership did what they did in 2020 and turned a blind eye.

The consequences of losing the House will be far greater and is still a distinct possibility which I would speculate is greater than a 75% chance at this time.

What this will mean in no uncertain terms is terrifying:

  1. The raids on individual American citizens by a Stasi-like out of control Federal government will increase, especially against the loudest voices against the regime or its policies.
  2. Freedom of speech is now endangered at a level unseen since Woodrow Wilson’s use of the Committee of Public Information used to crush dissent during World War I. The terrifying difference is that the Constitution will truly be ignored just like 1917 and more like Lincoln’s suspension of due process during the Civil War.
  3. The weaponization of the alphabet agencies will used to entangle GOP Constitutional supporting governors in years of legal conflict, guaranteeing that the nation will endure ongoing turmoil. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if during the upcoming “Climate Emergency” declaration if a governor is removed by force for failing to act as directed.
  4. The return of regional lockdowns of some sort is now a given. Be it for a false pandemic, climate emergency, or energy shortages resulting in government mandated industrial shut downs.
  5. The draft is coming back as economic activity declines rapidly. The “threat” of war with China and Russia will create the excuse to remove the 18-25 year old bloc from the unemployment roles and boost the appearance of economic vitality.
  6. Inflation will dip slightly as future economic activity shows signs of decline then skyrocket as the disinflationary forces wane in light of economic war with China and shortages across the consumer spectrum become obvious.
  7. A national ban on the manufacture of combustion engine vehicles and sales thereof will be passed to take effect by January 1, 2040.
  8. The US Dollar will gain even more strength crushing emerging economies then crashing to levels far below the 2007-2008 lows. The US will sink into an economic depression by Q3 2023, Q4 at the latest.
  9. Crypto will be highly regulated with only those companies who aided the Democrat money laundering machine getting the necessary approvals to continue operations in the United States. The IRS will have unlimited power to monitor or seize crypto accounts of any American citizen who fails to have reported their own activity.
  10. The Biden Junta will appoint one, maybe two Supreme Court justices. The filibuster will be repealed and odds are numerous Appellate Courts will be watered down with additional justices added to each panel, thus reversing the gains made by conservatives under Trump.

That’s all that I can think for now if one doesn’t think losing Taiwan is important then it would explain why I did not place it on the list of potential consequences. That is a given now as the bitter old senile fool thinks that the US military has unlimited abilities and will soon learn that it does not and we will lose all of our strategic advantages.

The consequences are going to be painful, yet those responsible will never admit to nor accept any responsibility.

Enjoy the next two years and got preps?

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