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Why the United Kingdom is on the Offensive Against Russia

There is a growing feeling in the Eastern bloc, aka Belarus and Russia, that the United Kingdom has launched an offensive against Russia in an undeclared war to support Ukraine. Reviewing Russian speaking Telegram and other sources reveals that there is not only a great distrust in London due to historical reasons, but the logical assumption that due to American sponsorship, the Brits are more than happy to attack Moscow’s interests.

Let’s take a quick review of why the Russian military and government is so angry.

On any given normal day, the Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) would give a dry, boring recap of actions along the front in the Ukrainian conflict (also called the SMO in diplomatic parlance). Then after the attack on Sevastopol by drone vessels and aircraft his tone changed dramatically, actually angrily on October 29th:

The General is usually stoic and boring as watching CNN or NPR. On the 29th, he expressed an anger that is rarely displayed by Russian military leaders on the public airwaves. But there was already building anger towards the West and especially the United Kingdom as the Russian intelligence services began dissecting the facts presented to them.

The headline from the UK newspaper The Independent which was published yesterday speaks volumes:

Russia accuses British navy of blowing up Nord Stream gas pipelines in Baltic Sea

From the article:

“According to available information, representatives of this unit of the British navy took part in the planning, provision and implementation of a terrorist attack in the Baltic Sea on September 26 this year – blowing up the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines,” Russia’s defence ministry said.

The ministry did not provide evidence for its claims, also alleging that the same British military specialists – supposedly located in the city of Ochakiv, in Ukraine’s Mykolaiv region – helped Kyiv’s forces to plan a drone attack on Russia’s Black Sea fleet on Saturday morning.

Before anyone dismisses this accusation out of hand let’s review this other piece of news from the British press (via SkyNews):

Calls for an urgent investigation after reports Liz Truss’s phone was hacked

The Brits are furious about this but the rumor floated by Russian sources is that Truss texted Secretary of State Blinken “it’s done” within hours of the attack on the pipeline.

It’s easy to accuse the Russians of looking for justifications for backing out of the grain transit deal and making up things about London and Washington, hell, I grew up during the Cold War and both sides specialized in dealing out absurdities.

What makes this accusation unique though is highlighted by the world’s number one public enemy, more so than Snowden when it comes to knowledge of global security and telecommunications systems:

Thus the obvious is probably the actual solution. If one notes that Obama and Trump refused to give up their iPhones this assumption, if it is one, seems logical. Add in the fact that Western intelligence agencies have become so arrogant to assume that they are infallible, the the idea that Truss’ phone was not hacked but her iCloud account access was does seem to ring true.

But why would the United Kingdom almost openly want to use the SAS (Special Air Services) to launch covert attacks knowing full well that the blow back could result in a cold, dark, economically crashed, powerless winter for the British Isles?

Russia could easily cut the telecommunications lines, pipelines, and other key infrastructure points on the ocean floor to the UK in addition to hacker attacks on London’s financial district. If the Brits honestly think they will not, then they do not understand the historical animosity towards London exhibited long before the Cold War, dating back to the USSR’s mistrust of England in 1939.

If indeed London is acting as Washington’s proxy while NATO builds up logistical support and supplies from America for a future war, then perhaps the conflict is on the verge of going global and very hot, perhaps 20,000 degrees or more. In the interim, watch what happens to the weaker NATO allies assisting the American and British forces with these attacks as their infrastructure is now fair game, be it energy related or economic in nature.

Based on the obvious logic, there is no other conclusion other than London and Washington are willing to risk their Eastern European NATO associates survival to defeat Putin.

It would appear NATO will eventually start a full on multi-faceted war with Russia with no rules, no consequences and the perverted belief they can achieve victory with acceptable losses. In the end, there will be no winner except the surviving globalists who will herd those they desire into fulfilling their needs at the expense of millions of dying souls.

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