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Apparently, I’m Going to Need More Scotch and Cigars

The world is starting to look like it is in full 1980’s meltdown mode.

Nuclear war appears to be a viable consideration in Europe, which of course will never stay contained to Europe thus it would become global.

The economic Ponzi scheme appears to be nearing it’s last gasps of existence.

Morality is long gone where perverts, doctors, and perverted doctors say that infants can have orgasms so pedophilia is acceptable.

It’s a grotesque sick world, thus when this story popped up from the NY Post, I figured I had best add to my stash of preps:

Blind mystic Baba Vanga makes terrifying nuclear disaster prediction for 2023


A blind mystic who allegedly predicted 9/11 is said to have foreseen a nuclear disaster that will ravage Earth before the end of 2023.

Baba Vanga, a blind Bulgarian woman, is rumored to have predicted some of the biggest events in world history.

She died more than a quarter of a century ago, but many of her predictions are said to have come true long after her death.

Now, her followers claim that Baba Vanga foresaw a devastating nuclear disaster that will unfold this year.

The mystic is said to have warned of a major nuclear power plant explosion in 2023 that would cause toxic clouds to settle over Asia.

The most logical place for this to happen is the TPP in Zaporozhye due to the conflict escalating beyond the control of the West and Russia. This of course would probably start a nuclear exchange with NATO and Russia in Europe and we all know how that ends.

Of course, there’s more from the article:

Firstly, she is said to have predicted that the Earth’s orbit will change.


No reason to buy mixer for that party.

But what is her track record like? From the same NY Post article:

Baba Vanga died in 1996 at the age of 75, but it is claimed that during her lifetime she predicted the COVID-19 pandemic, the September 11 attacks, the death of Princess Diana and the Chernobyl disaster.

Party on Wayne, party on Garth. It’s time to get some more survival party goods just in case she was right.

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