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The Deterioration of America’s Once Proud Military Accelerates

Way, way, way back on March 29th, I penned a piece titled “The US Military Has Become a Giant Joke,” thinking that there is just no way it could get any worse.

Once again, I was incorrect and now the absurdity of watching our nation’s defenses betrayed from within is down right alarming. For example, a Lt. Colonel in the newly formed U.S. Space Force being essentially dismissed for pointing out the obvious (via

Space Force CO Who Got Holiday Call from Trump Fired Over Comments Decrying Marxism in the Military


Lt Col. Matthew Lohmeier, commander of 11th Space Warning Squadron at Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado, was relieved from his post Friday by Lt. Gen. Stephen Whiting, the head of Space Operations Command, over a loss of confidence in his ability to lead, has exclusively learned.

“This decision was based on public comments made by Lt. Col. Lohmeier in a recent podcast,” a Space Force spokesperson said in an email. “Lt. Gen. Whiting has initiated a Command Directed Investigation on whether these comments constituted prohibited partisan political activity.”

Thus what Lt. Col. Lohmeier was accused of doing was pointing out, per his oath of service, that an enemy from within is threatening the very national defense of our nation by dividing and weakening our military. The fact that making anti-Communist (Marxist) statements is now “prohibited partisan political activity” is a frightening prospect for our service men and women. It now means that in the future if ordered to do so, American soldiers must defend Communism, the antithesis of our Constitution and the freedoms enshrined within our country.

But it gets worse with today’s pronouncement by the U.S. Army:

Thus the threat of the Communist Chinese military juggernaut is no longer a major problem. The Russian bogeyman that Americans have been led to believe is our greatest threat and means we all need bomb shelters is no longer the greatest threat.

Naturally occurring substances and events, aka, nitrogen, oxygen, solar heating, climate variations, etc. are now the big threat and by golly we need to redeploy our F-35’s to be programmed to fire a Hellfire missile up the exhaust pipe of any traitorous American who won’t buy a Tesla and insists on driving their pick-up truck or SUV!

This is how “empires” fall boys and girls. Now all of us are Romans enduring the open gates with the barbarians destroying our country from outside and within as our generals and political elites profit from our collapse, all as our military is accelerating the decline and fall.

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