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The US Military Has Become a Giant Joke

Remember that photo with the “men” in our military wearing red high heel shoes to walk a mile in “her” shoes from 2015 under the Obama regime?

It was sad then. The globalists and Department of State use of our soldiers as mercenaries for rent was not only pathetic but infuriating as our men and women were put at risk not just for social justice causes, but to achieve goals which had nothing to do with the sworn duty of those soldiers.

Fast forward to last year and it got worse:

James Mattis Denounces President Trump, Describes Him as a Threat to the Constitution

Thus begun the full blown move to turn our military into a Roman guard, designed to become involved in domestic politics in full violation of their oath of office and the UCMJ. General Mattis should have been put up for court martial and stripped of his former rank, retirement, and all honors. Instead the Marxist left lauded him as a hero and praised his “bravery” against a President who was already under attack by the left and real threats from Communist China.

With the election of another civilian who always stood behind every soldier, as in never serving, President Biden’s radicals from the land of Mao continued their assault on the American military in the first sixty days he was in office.

For example:

Attack on Capitol was the beginning of an American insurgency, counterterrorism experts warn

And since the Praetorian guard was deployed? Crickets.

OK: That’s a LOT of Troops

Hmmm, most of the troops had little if any real front line experience. Almost as if the new Roman elites wanted a fight. I guess they were disappointed.

Pentagon Authorizes National Guard Troops Around Capitol to Carry Lethal Weapons

Yup, it’s a joke. Weapons, yes, locked and loaded, no…initially. Of course the media and the hidden communist supporters kept up the mania:

Former NYPD Commissioner: ‘Citizens of the US’ Now Biggest Terror Threat

The drama continued to intensify into the inauguration:

What Do They Think Is Going to Happen: Intense Security Response Across Country to Inauguration

Of course the military was finally portrayed as heroes by the Obama propagandists which have infiltrated the Pentagon:

Historic Air National Guard airlift brings troops to DC

Weird how it was not a “historic Air National Guard airlift” which brought supplies to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands after a Category 5 hurricane hit both US territories. But I digress:

Federal prisons locked down ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration

Aren’t those the same “prisoners” which the Biden Junta demands have the right to vote and be allowed to pay off their sentences by serving in our military?

Yeah, they are. In the end, the excesses by the Biden Junta along with the quasi-commies inside the Pentagon became a giant joke with stories like this documenting the insanity:

25,000 Guardsmen Are In The Capital, Five Times The Troops In Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq Combined

And the interesting factoid is that more US citizens died in Chicago than Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq combined. But the stupidity was not over there, oh no, it only got worse with the Democrats taking their lessons from the Castro regime:

National Guard to keep 7,000 troops in DC until March

And so they came, and so they went. Zero casualties, zero attacks by MAGA people, zero domestic terrorist incidents, and the only injuries were due to food poisoning by a government contractor.

This wasn’t the end however, sadly, they want a permanent Praetorian Guard to protect them like lapdogs and keep the civilians away from their own capitol building:

Task Force Calls for Permanent National Guard Force to Protect DC

So let’s review the rest of the problems, none of which were cured by the career bureaucrats and corrupt ex-military which oversaw Trump’s Department of Defense and continue on to this day:

‘F-35 is a Piece of xxxx’: Why Trump’s Last Defence Secretary Hated the Stealth Fighter – And Wasn’t the Only One

Good thing the biggest threat is China some six thousand plus miles away. Oops.

The Navy’s New Stealth Destroyer Has Watered Down Capabilities, Questionable Future

That’s reassuring (not). Of course, Communist China is not the real threat, Tucker Carlson on Fox News is in 2021:

Department of Defense Prints a Disturbing, Unprofessional Attack on Tucker Carlson, Proving How Politicized They’ve Become

They apologized after the outrageous statements by the career bureaucrats and officers were exposed, because the new Biden Junta had higher priorities:

Transgender surgery is now free for military, thanks to Biden executive order

I just can not visualize Sergeant Carter as Sergeant Caroline but heck, Gomer might have enjoyed that.

Thankfully, base security is still important, just like it was after the Islamist attack on Fort Hood, right?

Air Force One base intruder sports ‘mouse ears,’ goes undetected

Good thing only Air Force 1 is based there. But that’s a minor issue compared to this new portion of the oath from the US Navy:

I pledge to advocate for and acknowledge all lived experiences and intersectional identities of every Sailor in the Navy.

Call me old fashioned but just what the fuck was that?

Thankfully the United States Army hasn’t gone soft like the USMC or US Navy, right?

Uh, never mind. We’re doomed in the next war. With the Biden Junta though, one can expect tighter standards since emotion and social justice have moved to the forefront of our fighting forces:

Army considers change to Combat Fitness Test scoring for male, female soldiers

Taiwan and the Baltic states might want to draw up surrender papers now, because our ladies are not going to be much assistance. And don’t worry, the US Navy will uh, er, be just as useless:

Biden Admin Halts Navy Operations, Orders Sailors to Undergo ‘Chilling’ Stand-Down Training

Hell, I should get my fat ass in gear as I could be a full bird SF colonel with the testing downgrades and bull that passes for “qualifications” now.

Maybe NASA can help us save face, right?

American astronauts to again use Russian Soyuz rocket to reach ISS as NASA can’t rely on ‘unstable’ US tech – Moscow space chief

Maybe the US Coast Guard is still in good shape:

Rare Diode Threatens Coast Guard’s Arctic Ambitions

Read this key excerpt from the link above and think about it:

The United States Coast Guard heavy icebreaker Polar Star is literally a one-of-a-kind ship. After its sister Polar Sea was deactivated in 2010 it became the most powerful icebreaker in the fleet, and one of only two US icebreakers capable of operating in the treacherous polar regions. The vessel is critical to protecting America’s scientific and economic interests in the Arctic, but according to a recent article in Business Insider, the ship’s age and scarcity of spare parts is making an already difficult mission even harder.

In the article, Captain William Woityra specifically mentions that the ship’s diesel-electric propulsion system is running on borrowed time as the diodes used in its AC/DC rectifier are no longer manufactured. With none remaining in the Coast Guard’s inventory, the crew has had to turn to eBay to source as many spares as possible. But once their hoard runs out, Captain Woityra fears his ship will be dead in the water.

A branch of the DHS and US military had to buy spare parts on eBay. Just think about that.

I have not seen our military in this bad a shape since 1979 under Jimmy Carter. Our nation is in deep, deep trouble and it started under Bill Clinton, accelerated under George W Bush, stabilized a little under Trump, and now has gone into full joker mode. The rest of the world is wondering if they can depend on us or if we are even a reliable ally. I have spoken to some friends on the inside and early retirements are skyrocketing leaving shortages of specialists across every service from pilots, to drone operators, boots on the ground and service technicians of every type.

The United States current front line tank is a forty year old design, our universal stealthy fighter is temperamental and unreliable in harsh conditions, military officers are defying orders so superiors, and “feelings” are superseding fighting ability and competency for some of our front line units. Yet the American people are supposed to accept the idea that the current junta has a clue what to do to fix it other than increasing our military operations overseas; further endangering our soldiers in unnecessary, costly conflicts.

For the first time in forty years of my post collegiate life, I’m telling my friends to not let their sons and daughters enlist in this nonsense.

Unless they enjoy what has happened in Cuba since the Communists took over and want to accelerate the failure and collapse of our nation.

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