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America is NOT Going to Have a Happy Ending, Part 23 (Video)

The United States, hell, the very existence of the Western world is hanging by a fraying thread.

From the standpoint of physical fitness there are stories that the United States will be suffering from an obesity crisis where 50% of the citizens will be considered obese in less than 15 to 20 years.

Yet instead of working to cure this problem, what does our propaganda machine do?

Ah, ok. Got it now. I drive a large SUV so its my fault that kids eat nothing but crap processed foods, get overdosed by prescription industry pill happy doctors, and millennial parents who are fat lazy slobs also.

But are their consequences for turning Rome into one giant McDonald’s drive thru location?

You betcha:

But don’t worry. The new Inflation Reduction Act Climate Change bill fixes everything as every generation will be running for their lives from the new Sturmtruppen the government is hiring.

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