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California Governor Newsom Put F-15’s on Alert to Intimidate Anti-Lockdown Protesters

Just when one thinks that the nutcases left like Herr Whitmer and other Democrat leaders cannot stoop any lower, a story appears in the Los Angeles Times on Friday which is nothing short of a shocker:

California Guard members feared fighter jet would be ordered to frighten protesters

Seriously? Yes, seriously (excerpted):

The members expected directives to ready ground troops to help state and local authorities respond to disturbances triggered by resistance to stay-at-home rules or panic over empty store shelves.

But then came an unusual order: The air branch of the Guard was told to place an F-15C fighter jet on an alert status for a possible domestic mission, according to four Guard sources with direct knowledge of the matter.

Those sources said the order didn’t spell out the mission but, given the aircraft’s limitations, they understood it to mean the plane could be deployed to terrify and disperse protesters by flying low over them at window-rattling speeds, with its afterburners streaming columns of flames. Fighter jets have been used occasionally in that manner in combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan, they said.

Deploying an F-15C, an air-to-air combat jet based at the Guard’s 144th Fighter Wing in Fresno, to frighten demonstrators in this country would have been an inappropriate use of the military against U.S. civilians, the sources said.


This order had to come from the top of the Newsom administration and was not some random flunky deciding that it was “necessary” to send a message or whatever they perceived. The idea of using a multi-million dollar air-to-air interceptor to either intimidate or attack American civilians is so outrageous, it should wake up those who doubted that our nation was at the brink.

This is just how close the left is and was willing to push this nation to the brink of an open civil conflict, hell, open Civil War between the government and civilians.

Thus do not believe anything they tell you and prepare accordingly.

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