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Owning a Parrot is Racist

Or something stupid like that.

There are wars breaking out all over the world, including the risk of a direct confrontation between two nuclear powers in Europe, riots and protests, starvation and food shortages, inflation and hyperinflation, energy shortages, mutant diseases released by labs, and what does some loser focus on?

Addressing the unbearable whiteness of parrot keeping

Yes, seriously.

Some of the suggestions from the article are enough to make sort of, kind of, well, maybe not ashamed to be white (from

#3. Seek out and volunteer for bird charity groups committed to social justice

#4. Educate yourself on avian diversity & conservation issues affecting people of color globally

#6. Parrots are expensive. Create access to parrot buying funds for people of color

#8. Recognize & denounce harm done by “bird people” who perpetuate racism

I’m assuming #8 is in reference to teaching your bird to whistle Songs of the South:

Yes you can hate me for putting that song in your head the rest of the day or night.

In a world where one things absurdity can not hit another level of stupidity, the Marxist left never fails to disappoint. What’s next? Raising turtles is mocking the handicapped do to their lack of speed? Pet rocks cruelly mock the mentally disabled? White cats get special privileges that Persian and Asian cats do not?

America, we are swirling down the toilet rapidly.

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