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Pardon Me, I’m Lost Here; Gay Men Can Get or Need Abortions?

I know I’m not a liberal. Hell, I’m getting older by the day and watching my nation vanish into a cesspool of stupidity led by Grandpa Drool on Chin as our citizens and allies die due to his incompetence.

Last night the U.S. Supreme Court did not take up a case on an abortion law from Texas which bans all abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected. Sounded reasonable, in fact it sounds somewhat logical.

Of course the eugenics loving American left went nuts but this tweet from the lunatic from Missouri, Cori Bush really had me asking questions:

So “queer” folks need abortions????????????? Maybe I’m an old fart ignorant of today’s lingo, but last time I checked two men can not make a baby with each other. Nor can two men who “identify” as queer make a baby which means they can not get an abortion as there are some serious laws of nature and science which prevent this.

If anyone can correct me on this, awesome (I think), but the insanity of the left knows no bounds and the reaction to a reasonable law seems to indicate a major nerve has been struck. Look for Grandpa Drool on Chin to declare he wants 199 Supreme Court justices early next year in an expanded court to destroy the 10th Amendment and declare himself the Palpatine of our generation.

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