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Sigh, My Home State of Florida

Consider this my one and only warning to all of the blue state commielibs thinking about moving to Florida:

Stay Out.

We love freedom down here but it comes at a cost.

Like this story for instance:

That would be depressing if one was to sit down in the dark and feeling something slimy nibbling on your, uh, never mind.

Then there is this beauty of a story:

Florida man tries to flee deputies on a riding lawn mower

Top that Commiefornia! Besides, you’re idiot governor has banned small gasoline engines so if one’s Tesla Model Whack riding mower isn’t fully charged, you’re not escaping a deputy on a Big Wheel.

Finally, there is this story which makes me wonder why Vladimir Putin puts mind altering substances in our city water supplies down here (he gets blamed for everything, remember that):

Florida man bitten by alligator after thinking it was a dog

Florida Man remains undefeated.

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