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The Happening: How Trump’s Quick Primary Victory Doomed the GOP

Way, way, way back in history I issued a warning about the former President, Donald Trump, and his quick victory over Florida Governor Ron Desantis:

Why Ron DeSantis Quitting the Presidential Race Could Be Disaster for Team Trump

Within this brief piece, I said the following:

EVERYTHING, and I repeat EVERYTHING I predicted has happened.

Nobody cares about Rush Limbaugh’s replacement JV team except 80 year old widows in senior homes in South Florida or Alabamastan.

Nobody watched Fox News except the terminally addicted which means that they are not growing their audience, as predicted, but watching a demographic decline at an accelerated rate much like CNN and MSNBC.

And of course with the election contest being decided about who will face who, why cover it?

People would rather watch baseball, bad basketball playoffs, and horrid movies posted on Amazon Prime than anything the two old senile fools with major dementia issues have to say.

Don’t believe yours truly?

Watch the ratings until September of this year.

The happening is that Trump’s free media coverage is over and that will kill his campaign and all of the GOP grifters who hooked their star on to the gravy train of attempting to make money due to his candidacy.

If one doesn’t believe me, check out newly professional slutress, Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota:

For God’s sake people, what happened to the Constitution, honor, and the good of the nation?

Just remember:

If no one cares, no one is really motivated to vote, contribute money, or care about anything.

Apathy shall rule the day.

Everything is falling apart and burning around us and the GOP “leadership” is doing infomercials for themselves and Trump’s campaign.

Got Gold and Ammo?

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  1. Daniel Barger Daniel Barger 03/15/2024

    The GOP committed suicide a long time ago when they sold out to the American Communist Party, formerly the Dems. Now they are nothing
    but the Washington Generals to the lefts Globetrotters. A joke.

    • 03/15/2024

      And now they are pouring gasoline on themselves and self-immolating. November is going to be a disaster.

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