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Why Ron DeSantis Quitting the Presidential Race Could Be Disaster for Team Trump

The celebrations for Team Trump have barely died down and what do we see from his social media team?



With this kind of free social media push, how could one resist voting for “the Donald” this time, right?

The problem is that now that the greatest threat to his legal fundraising, er, primary efforts is gone with DeSantis’ suspending his campaign, there is a real possibility of a disaster hitting Team Trump right in the bank account.

Yet his supporters are blind to this, especially those members of Conservative, Inc. and the grifters who depend on Trump for a livelihood. How so one might ask? Let us presume that within the next three to four weeks Hillary Nikki also suspends her campaign after some more humiliating results. What happens next and how could this be the ultimate nightmare scenario for the Trump campaign?

Let’s explore that together.

I. Free Media Vanishes

If the GOP primaries are over and the Democrats decide not to hold one, then what need is there to cover any rallies, comments, or statements by Team Trump? The only free media Donald J. Trump will get will be the highly negative coverage of his court trials and tribulations and then only when verdicts and penalties are read.

II. No Reason to Watch the Nightly or Cable News Until September

With the primary season over early, what real reason does Joe or Jane Six-Pack have to watch the national nightly news or cable news programs during prime time? Unless one is bed-ridden or in a home for dementia patients, there are much better things to do with one’s time, even if they are over the age of 55.

The younger demographics already have dumped cable and broadcast television news (this old fart included) so this leaves a very narrow sliver of the population who do tire out of the droning on and on about stole elections, lawfare, and unfair treatment from whiny candidates on both sides of the aisle.

As long as that Social Security check hits the direct deposit every month, why should one care about the daily circus known as Washington, DC?

III. No Reason to Listen to Talk Radio

No more primary, no more contrived drama, no more candidate interviews, and no more listeners for the inhabitants of the sphere known as Conservative, Inc. As this author wrote about in 2021, the death of this medium was easy to preordain and the lack of someone as colorful as Rush Limbaugh along with political stagnation would prevent the audience from broadening out to replace the primary demo which is dying off of old age.

Now add in no reason to tune in for politics, no world war, no pandemic, no drama, nothing, why would anyone listen to a bunch of old guys talking about nothing? Oh the usual “we have to vote for the GOP to save the Republic” will be the conservative talking points, but to a Gen Z soul who just had to write their first payment of taxes to the IRS in their lives, it will not lure them into this sphere of media influence; talk radio is the domain of the elderly, not modern life.

The dilemma is obvious and interviewing Trump and/or a member of his team twice a week is only going to become the equivalent of yelling into an empty room.

IV. Great Economy, No Cash for Donations

At some point the dichotomy of the Biden Junta’s claim of a great economy with permanently embedded inflation will conflict with the ability of people to pay their trailer park rent or give $100 to Team Trump’s legal fund. The inability of Trump’s team to “save the GOP” with a unifying message of “we must save our billionaire messiah” will not resonate with an 80 year old woman barely able afford the money for a can of cat food to split with her kitty and herself.

The reality is that this is not 2016 yet Team Trump is living under the delusion of past grandeur.

With two candidates who are universally despised by at least 50%+ of the American population, fundraising will be up to the very elites Trump claims he is fighting. This time around, that train of thought will not carry as much weight after his administration’s sometimes comical appearance and performance, especially during the pandemic.

V. The Media Promotes Economic Propaganda

Recently for the team at MacroEdge, I published a piece relating to America’s addiction to economic propaganda. I stand by that article and every word I wrote.

The US government and media elites will now do what it did in 2012, 2018, and 2022; promote a false feeling of success and growth in the US economy to reflect the “excellent” job Biden’s team and the Fed have done to guarantee a soft landing and crush inflation.

It’s 100% unadulterated bullshit, as anyone who actually buys groceries or insurance will testify, but the media will convince enough people that they are better off than they were four years ago. No duh.

In the depths of Lockdown Don’s pandemic performance, there was little doubt the economy was horrible but God forbid the media remind everyone that they promoted the shutting down of the economy or that Biden was in favor of it.

This alone puts Trump’s team on the defensive from the start. 2.5-3% “official” GDP growth with “moderating” inflation will be sold as the ultimate economic program. The reality of layoffs should not start impacting Biden’s population until next autumn but not to the point of hurting his poll numbers (if he is still the candidate) and allow him to coast to a victory as the sheeple bleat how great it is to have high credit card debt and the ability to make the minimum payments.

In 2016, I wrote my mea culpa for Donald Trump and hoped he would do well as President of the United States. I can and will never forgive him for what he did during the pandemic as well as promoting and pushing that annoying little elf Fauci on the American public. In fact, during a brief interview by a Fox News reporter Monday night, Trump had the audacity to brag about what a great job he did with the pandemic. Many people in America will never forgive him for that.

Trump’s lobbying and cooperation with the GOP Establishment for an expansion of the national debt by over $8,000,000,000,000 plus to fleece the taxpayers and their children, is an obscenity which will impact Americans for many generations to come. Lastly, by losing to the senile old Democrat establishment figure in 2020, Trump’s arrogance has endangered the very Republic he claims to love.

America’s time is ticking down as the empire is rapidly beginning to crumble. I must admit that I have no solutions beyond preparing one’s family for the hardest of times. I only have observations now, as I just begin to understand what a scribe during the times of Romulus Augustulus witnessed when the final days of Rome began.

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