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The Plant Based Food Cult Sounds Just Like the Branch Covidians

Watch this commercial that I just happened to see during a documentary last night and make sure you listen to the words carefully.

Eating something that’s good for the world versus something that tastes good and is healthy for you is not a marketing campaign; it’s a cult theme straight from The Great Reset handbook which is trying to shove sustainability down everyone’s throats without choice. Does anyone seriously think that George Soros or some Arab royal is giving up their Chateaubriand to eat crickets or an Impossible burger?

Prepare accordingly as these clowns pushing “plant based foods” and bugs for supper sound just like the Branch Covidians who demand you wear a mask that doesn’t work and take a vaccine that doesn’t work.

All in the name to “save humanity.”

It’s your line in the sand to draw, I’ve drawn mine.

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