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01.14.23 14:00 UTC: Breaking News-Massive Russian Missile Strikes Across Ukraine

As this is being typed waves of Iskander IRBM’s, Kaliber cruise missiles and drones are hitting targets throughout Ukraine. The power is out in Kharkov completely, Dnipro has taken several major strikes on the energy and industrial infrastructure, and targets in Lvov in the western part of country have been hit also.

Russian Telegram accounts are detailing the ongoing onslaught which started early this morning.

The strikes were across the entire nation, causing massive damage to telecommunications, air defense, command and control centers, and utility infrastructure.

Kiev has already been hit with three waves of attacks, including at their central train station.

Of course the Ukrainian military is already making excuses (via AZgeopolitics on Telegram):

“Because of the fog the guys from the air defenses do not see the missiles and this complicates the successful operation of the system” – Odessa News

I’ve never heard of “fog” interfering with radar based air defense systems, then again, the Ukrainians did try to intercept an incoming missile with a S-300 anti-aircraft system and once again hit their own apartment building in Dnipro:

Stay tuned as the missiles that the West and Kiev said that Russia was running out of appear to have been reincarnated.

I shall try to add updates throughout the day via Telegram and Twitter as time permits.

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