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01.18.24 21:15 EST – North Korea Tests Underwater Nuclear Device

The world order is disintegrating at a faster pace tonight with this breaking news:

The military exercise in question was highlighted in this story last night via the Express and Star (UK):

US, South Korea and Japan conduct naval exercises amid North Korea tensions


The United States, South Korea and Japan have conducted combined naval exercises involving an American aircraft carrier in their latest show of strength against nuclear-armed North Korea.

The manoeuvres came as the three countries’ senior diplomats were to meet in Seoul to discuss the deepening stand-off with Pyongyang, the South Korean military said.

The training in waters off South Korea’s Jeju island came as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un continued weapons testing and issued threats that have raised regional tensions to their highest point in years.

Markets have basically ignored this action as the regularity of these tests has become quite pesky and persistent, but there seems to be a lot of threats now building in the Far East which everyone should pay attention to.

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  1. Daniel Barger Daniel Barger 01/18/2024

    Maybe the Norks tester such a device, maybe they didn’t. Maybe it was a successful test, maybe it wasn’t. The Norks lie….as reliably and frequently as Russia does. ESPECIALLY about their military capabilities and accomplishments.

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