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02.11 – 02.13 Weekend War Drums Edition: Last Flight out of Kiev

To speed things up since most of the audience is tuned into the half time show with crack and big butts, let’s just sum up the last 72 hours up to this moment in three segments by date. Because after tonight, things are going to move fast, hard and deadly heading into my speculative invasion window.

February 13, 2022 War Drums:

Today is just wild, no other words for it. Every sign is pointing to a conflict and the incompetence of Western governments is on full display.

Nothing like singing “Give Peace a Chance” from the hallowed halls of America’s corrupt government today:

Then again, the Russians are sending a clear message; the Black Sea will not be contested:

Today the first images of RuAF (Russian Air Force) assets moving to forward bases became evident:

More from the front lines of the old/new conflict:

The Sunday morning headlines from the UK Daily Mail never fail to disappoint:

Ukraine crisis ‘has whiff of Munich’: Fears MILLIONS of refugees could flee as UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace warns Putin could strike ‘at any time’ – as he likens West’s efforts to stop looming invasion to Chamberlain’s failed appeasement policy

Ugh. But old Ben is not wrong about the comparison’s to the United Kingdom’s failed policies of the past .

Kostroma is a significant distance from the front lines thus this unit’s movements might be flagged as a final indicator.

In the mean time for domestic consumption, Nolan Peterson states the obvious:

The OSCE withdrawal will have a major consequence also:

Last but not least, the insurance industry has pretty much ended all private airline flights into Ukraine for the foreseeable future:

Threat to Ukraine flights revealed


Kiev’s SkyUp Airlines has released a statement, confirming that major international insurance companies notified Ukrainian carriers on Saturday that they will stop covering aircraft flying over Ukraine “within 48 hours.” According to the statement, the decision was made in light of “growing risks of a military conflict breaking out.”

SkyUp says that the move by insurers has also seen foreign lessors demand that their planes be returned to the EU as soon as possible.

The airline cited a recent flight from Portugal to Kiev which had to be rerouted after the jet’s owner prohibited the flight from entering Ukraine’s airspace. The plane ended up landing in Moldova’s capital, Chisinau.

This is just another indicator that something ugly is about to happen.

February 12, 2012: War Drums

Saturday started off as expected, with more insane stories from all sides as the war drums got even louder from the UK Daily Mail‘s daily drama section:

Ukraine’s President demands to see US evidence of Russian invasion ‘on Wednesday’ as Moscow accuses the West of provoking war ‘at any cost’: First families return to UK after government told Brits to get out NOW

This excerpt says it all:

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has demanded the US share intelligence which suggests Russia is planning to invade his country on Wednesday – as the first British families begin arriving to the UK after being urged to flee the potential future war zone.

The Blinken-Austin-Sullivan circus just never ends.

The big story however was buried by the Western media but is indicative to the sloppy garbage that the US Navy has now declared as its officer’s corps:

US nuclear submarine violates Russian waters – Defense Ministry

How anyone could even allow this to become an issue at this moment is beyond any logical thinking. The Russians have no reason to fabricate this story and the US military has no business testing the limits of the Russian resolve now. This is how regional conflicts become global wars or worse.

Meanwhile, everyone is doing the GTFO:

An important Tweet from marqs as this is one of the key cities I think the Russian forces will target in their upcoming offensive:

Meanwhile, from the historic march of French irrelevancy:

Just an FYI, if the 1st Guards Tank Army is moving forward, it means that that a conflict is within the 7-10 day window. This is not an exercise; via Micheal Kofman’s Twitter feed:

For those new to these threads, Micheal Kofman is a must follow as his background and statements on the situation are unbiased and realistic throughout thus far.

Meanwhile, the UK press throughout the day continued their large bold print headlines:

And at first, the Ukrainian government thought they were were going to remain.

Thankfully the President of the United States, er, uh, um, was on the job:

On second thought, perhaps he should stay in Delaware. At a Golden Corral, fussing about the quality and warmth of the Apple Cobbler.

Micheal Kofman’s other key Tweet was noteworthy also:

Meanwhile, reality is beginning to set in:

Again, another must follow is Konrad Muzyka from Poland. His attention to detail and information is excellent.

To close out Saturday night, here is the face palm Tweet which sums up the Biden Junta’s incompetence without question:

Just another face palm from the Bidenistas in a growing list of face palms.

February 11, 2022 War Drums:

The day started with this stunner from must follow Rob Lee via Twitter:

Thus adding to the hints that the largest Russian Navy presence in the Black Sea since the Cold War is indeed about to happen.

Meanwhile, the accelerated deployment of civilian forces in Ukraine began:

And panic in the capital city of Kiev is palpably beginning to increase:

Even though there has never been any indication that the Russian military has any desire to use strategic bombing nor occupation of large cities, just movements along the border at this time.

In the West however, the panic porn and yellow journalism to whip up public support for the warhawks knows no bounds(via the UK Daily Mail):

Any thing to sell a web site statistic. Talk abut absurd, the only forces that would use nukes first would be NATO, not Russia; they have no desire to destroy their own nation. The weapon described is the 2S7 Pion, which is used primarily for infantry suppression fire and siege functions. But the fact that it is capable, just like many US and NATO weapons of firing nuclear shells gives the media the drama to enhance just how evil those Ruskies really are.

Needless to say to follow up on that nonsense, Friday was another day of fearmonger activity from the amateur hour known as the US diplomatic and defense officials:

Russian invasion coming ‘any day now’ – US


The intelligence community has “sufficient confidence” that there is a “distinct possibility” Putin “might” order an invasion before February 20, Sullivan told reporters, and that a “rapid assault on the city of Kiev” is considered a possibility.

He also repeated State Department spokesman Ned Price’s claim that Russia is working to fabricate a pretext for invasion with a “false flag operation” in eastern Ukraine. Just like Price, Sullivan offered no evidence for the claim.

Of course Jake Sullivan of Afghanistan debacle and Benghazi fame has no evidence, no facts, no supporting cast, and no willingness to provide squat to prove one thing he says; ever.

Not a great indicator:

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