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02.19.22 War Drums: 1700 UPDATE – Ceasefire violated over 1500 Times – More Russian Units Moving Towards Border

This is going to be one hell of a weekend.

02.19.22 1700 ET UPDATE:

It’s a tad bit noisier tonight in the Eastern Ukraine as the OSCE report on ceasefire violations outlines:

Fighting tonight around Donetsk intensified tonight, right on schedule:

Apocalypse Now incoming:

More free firework shows:

Add to the mix a growing 1980’s style Cold War throwback action to the growing issue:

Unfortunately, I’m feeling Orwellian vibes from Ottawa and D.C. also, but that’s for another thread:

And another pipeline allegedly blown up by Ukrainian operatives in the Donbass:

At least the Russian people rock good metal music when they make these videos. This particular cut is in the Belgorod region and was uploaded a little over 2 hours ago:

And more from the Belgograd region, tonight:

Buckle up ladies.

It’s going to be a long upcoming 96 hours.


02.19.22 0900 ET UPDATE:

The propaganda war is in full swing:

More video from the front line in the Donbass starting to emerge:

Another interesting piece of potentially important news:

And more disturbing armored movements captured on video:

More worries about the potential naval engagement and invasion force:

It’s getting spicier by the hour:

Finally, a truly sobering thought from a man who was falsely labeled a Russian agent after making his appearance on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson program:

More to follow throughout the day…


The news starting with early this morning is indicative of an acceleration to conflict between Russia and Ukraine as the diplomats continue their peacock dances for no real purpose.

The Lugansk People’s Republic declared a full mobilization this morning:

The Donetsk People’s Republic has also announced the same. Meanwhile overnight, it was alleged that shells from a Ukrainian military attack landed in the Russian territory of Rostov:

And as the real or imaginary attacks on the DPR/LPR continue, Russia media is amplifying every story to paint the Ukrainians as an out of control regime attacking everyone and everything:

Also the shelling continues this morning throughout the Donbass region:

And around Mariupol interestingly enough also:

Needless to say, the audio speaks for itself; that is not an exchange of “small arms” fire.

Lastly the US tabloid, The Washington Post promotes the Biden junta’s line:

U.S. braces for false-flag operations by Kremlin ahead of potential invasion

Followed up by the tabloids of tabloids, the UK Daily Mail:

Putin’s ‘false flag’ refugee crisis that is set to spark war in Ukraine: 700,000 civilians arrive in tent cities after Pro-Russian separatists ordered them out and staged ‘fake’ bomb attacks – as Biden warns invasion ‘in days’ will target Kiev

And Biden continues to blame Russia for the upcoming war when it was his former administration that set the world on to this path thanks to Obama and his State Department mercenaries:

‘Needless war of choice’ Biden is ‘calling out Russia’s plans’ for invading Ukraine

Stay tuned as I shall try to provide updates throughout the day as the pace of attacks and news accelerates.

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