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02.24.22 War(?) 01:30 UTC UPDATE: The Kiev is HOT Tonight

Sigh. It’s going to be a long week with little sleep.

The news tonight is moving so fast, yours truly is having a very hard time keeping up with it. Censorship and hacks blocking some websites, cyber attacks diffusion and lies blocking reality, and Senile Joe sleeping through it.

Despite all the proclamations that the U-S-A has the Ukrainians “backs” keep in mind there have been exactly:


Flights arriving in Kiev or any other Ukrainian city with US military aid.

Hypocrisy, indeed.


02.24.22 02:25 UTC QUICK UPDATE:

Once the UN Security Council meeting is over, and the second top secret Turkish government flight clears Ukrainian air space, look for things to get spicy, in this author’s opinion:

Good listening here:

Commercial airlines have gotten the message:

On to the War(?) that seems to be underway:

THAT particular location is one of the cities I highlighted last month as a key bridgehead city that Russian forces will try to seize in the first 48 hours.

When itchy trigger fingers hit the button that says “press in emergency” only:

Shelling in and around Mariupol already underway:

More video with shelling audible from Mariupol:

I am never bitching about my rush hours ever again:

President Zelensky of Ukraine has finally accepted reality:

Meanwhile, the “Notice to Air Missions” over Eastern Ukraine should be a red flag to any intelligent life form:


Tonight the most ignorant Biden Cabinet Member other than Pete Buttplug went on NBC News to say the following:


A sign that a major airborne operation unseen since World War II or Korea may just well happen any moment now:

Rush hour in Belarus and Russia really sucks in the late night hours:


A sad, yet poignant post by Nolan Peterson, well worthy of reading the entire thread whether you agree with his politics or not:

Once the bombing, missile strikes, and official invasion begins, I shall switch this website over to as many updates as possible here and on Telegram in full blown WAR mode.

Stay tuned for more….

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