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03.06.22 Russia-Ukraine War Update: No Credit For You!

Today’s news is beyond bizarre. We have RINO’s, Democrats, and chicken hawks in the United States promoting a “no fly zone” which is essentially an act of war which will bring Russian and US military units into direct conflict. Weird how it’s always easier to send “other people’s kids” into battle when a major war is on the horizon and the powers that be want to change the world map with their blood, not the blood of their own families.

Meanwhile, MasterCard and Visa have suspended operations in Russia (from the UK Sunday Mail):

Now Visa and Mastercard suspend operations in Russia after PayPal, Zara and Samsung shut down services in the country as Great Cancellation of Putin continues

Of course, almost immediately, the large Russian bank, Sberbank, turned east to China to fill the gap(from FinanceMagnates):

Russian Sberbank Is Turning to UnionPay Following the Suspension of Visa and Mastercard

The problem with all of these actions is that there is so little understanding of the Soviet mindset, thus why they might cause inconveniences, the anti-Russian sentiment will only harden many in Russian society, some of whom still harbor bitter feelings towards the West. Thus we shall now see the conflict within the conflict; the older generations versus the young, the globalist elites versus the East, traditionalists against the new standard bearers.

Barring some cessation in hostilities in the next 45 days, this engagement, aided by the errors of the weak Western political class, could well expand globally. This morning, apparently our idiots in D.C. want to accelerate that timeline by providing weapons to Ukraine which could well invite Russian forces to engage NATO forces and destroy those planes before the UkAF can ever see them:

Before all of the war humpers begin their finger wagging at me, think about this:

What would the American reaction be to Russian forces covertly supplying short range missiles to Mexican drug cartels or Islamist terrorists in Tijuana or anywhere along the US border?

These idiots are pushing for World War III at a terrifying pace.

Got a Geiger counter?

On to the updates…

And the Ukrainian AD forces continue to bring the RuAF down:

And another warning from the Russian government highlighting what was discussed earlier:

Let us all hope and pray that NATO and Poland are not under estimating the resolve of the Putin regime.

Let’s hope Romania isn’t either:

The fighting and missile strikes continued last night:

When you absolutely, positively, need a reliable tractor to tow an APC, make sure it’s a Deere:

Remember when reading this, that the “media” in Ukraine has an agenda just like Russian media, US media, etc.

It could be accurate or the kernal of truth that’s missing is that perhaps the Ukrainians violated the ceasefire also trying to smuggle weapons or fighters into the city. The world may never know the truth nor should anyone accept anything published by any side at this time.

Meanwhile, the campaign to encircle Kiev moves on as the Ukrainian forces can not win in a war of attrition:

In what would appear to be a variation in the upcoming battles, the strategy finally seems to be shifting further west to block the exits and reinforcement of the eastern portions of Ukraine:

Besides eliminating any functional airfield for potential UkAF elements still capable of flying, this action may provide a hint as to where some of the southern elements are breaking out to and what I theorized, originally many weeks ago and again now, is the new strategy of isolating eastern Ukraine from resupply in the West. This map below illustrates what I would expect to see happen in the next seven days as the Russian forces finally start to begin this movement:

Thus while the main thrust in the north continues it’s encirclement movement, other elements will divide the nation and allow the Russian air superiority to cut existing units up piecemeal, thus eliminating their effectiveness as large formations against Russian forces.

Stay tuned here and on Telegram for more throughout the day.

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