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03.07.22 Russia-Ukraine War 10:00 UTC Update: The Chechens Have Arrived

The war rages on but the stories of “war crimes” is a shocker to the West, but not to anyone who understands the “Soviet way.”

From Reuters:

War crimes court prosecutor opens Ukraine investigation

Vladimir replies with a big “whatever” as he does not care.

The problem is that the West has become soft and failed to distinguish between Putin’s “Russian” traits and his Soviet ones. More on that another time as there is no point in pointing out the obvious when fools live in denial of reality.

On to the updates which for the newbies following along, I try to provide several per day and as much as possible via my Telegram account at the link above to the right.


The Chechen fighters have arrived and apparently begun fighting in Ukraine:

From Study of War, here is the latest map update, which seems pretty accurate based on current reporting:

Now the Russians have begun softening up Mykolaiv in the south of Ukraine:

Stay tuned to my Telegram channel for further updates.

McHaleiveskiy’s Navy suffers it’s first “acknowledged” loss:

No one ever said that the Ukrainians would surrender. Unless of course if the Russians actually fought as BTG units as originally reformed to do so years ago. There should be some Generals put up against the wall for allowing this nonsense:

And now, a sampling of the fake news media doing fake news things:

TikTok suspends posting and live-streaming in Russia over ‘fake news’ law

Excerpt from the Quartz article above:

“In light of Russia’s new ‘fake news’ law, we have no choice but to suspend live-streaming and new content to our video service while we review the safety implications of this law,” TikTok said on its official Twitter account. In-app messaging between users will remain active, the company added.

The truth? Russia asked China to suspend TikTok from posting videos from Russia and Belarus because the users were posting positions, unit strength, and regional targets of Russian military forces. Duh. This isn’t hard to figure out. The new “law” just gave TikTok cover to its investors and of course, weak, sheeple users who are singing “Give Peace a Chance” while smoking 3 bongs and filling out welfare request forms while eating Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

The same headline in some variation is all over the European and US media, so don’t waste your time, the truth is exactly what I said it was thus banning “Russia” from social media plays into their hands. The Kremlin may have started out a step behind, but they figured out the playbook and how to change it.

There is just too much stupid to dissect in this Tweet, so I’ll leave it up to my readers:

Next up, flower power protests for peace.

Tough night in Kharkov, could have done without the potato chip munching…

This is an interesting, and disturbing development….

Hopefully Elon gets his Starlink sh** together, and fast.

A reminder:

Real war isn’t a video game…

More, this time from the Ukrainian side:

And another beating:

And one more to illustrate that the Ukrainians are taking a pasting also, even though one would never know it watching the Western media:

Oh Odessa…

Lastly, the most obvious question of the day:

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