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03.08.22 Russia-Ukraine War 10:00 UTC Update: The Destruction Spreads

The problem with history is that people have to learn it the hard way.

Some American idiots think that every war has a template, for instance the Russia-Ukraine War is nothing more than an extension of 1939 when Germany invaded Poland.

Oh, sure, yes, an incompetent Prime Minister in England being compared to President Biden might seem like a fair comparison; however that is an insult to Neville Chamberlain. The inability of the West to act in 1939 versus now is a fair comparison, as the United States is wandering around like a stumbling giant, kicking over ant hills but never really destroying the colony which eats away at its power.

By imposing old theories on a current regime, the US strategic theorists might well capture accurate data about military intentions, but fail to see the political ones (as usual). The truth is that Soviet theory is in play, not Russian, not Eastern, nor European. The lack of acceptance of that fact will be the undoing and fall of the NATO bloc and United States during this conflict.

More updates via Telegram for the day, here is the latest….


The Russians are starting to unleash their air force with targeted and indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas suspected of harboring Ukrainian military or militia forces. This of course is going to result in widespread destruction, like this from Sumy overnight:

It’s only going to get worse.

A little bondo, some fresh paint, good as new. Or not:

Me thinks that the Ukrainians are not going to be a pushover in Odessa:

An excellent thread which is worthy of anyone taking one minute to review:

And a very important point for all the phony chest thumping chicken hawks in the US screaming for sanctions against China and India because they will not quit trading with Russia:

It’s almost as if the US wants a world war. God help us.

More updates via my Telegram channel throughout the day as time permits. The supply chain issues are becoming critical now and companies will have to start laying off employees for prolonged shut downs.

Perhaps some in America should start listening to both sides of the conflict, just sayin’:

From the UK Daily Mail, this hysterical headline:

‘After this Putin is finished’: Military experts say Russian leader has bitten off more than he can chew with ‘massively foolish’ invasion of Ukraine and it marks the start of the end of his time in power even if Kyiv falls

Good luck with that belief. Why don’t you limeys find some 1939 headlines, in London, while your government did nothing as the Poles were slaughtered.

Gee, I wonder where I have heard this before:

Just keep believing Unicorns power those electric cars baby!

The war continues:

More in the early morning hours….

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