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03.10.22 Russia-Ukraine War Update: It’s Getting Nastier

There are so many problems with the mainstream media’s coverage of this war it has gone from a sad joke to just pathetic.

People are dying.

In large numbers by the way.

Yet the American public and Euro-socialists are only spoon fed the suffering, the death, the destruction in 1 minute snippets with editorial viewpoints instilled to show the propaganda the globalists wish to promote.

Sadly, the Western media is ready to be the cheerleaders for the Kiev government right to the last dead Ukrainian.

Because like chess, the pawns are generally expendable.

On to tonight’s coverage of the bloodbath.

Mariupol is getting hammered and the odds of a Ukrainian victory are so remote, watching its modern day destruction is somewhat sad.

And the shelling will continue until the city capitulates, believe me on that one:

It’s getting worse.

The aerial bombardment is accelerating also:

Meanwhile, in a follow up to the secret US bioweapons programs in Ukraine thread from last night, this tonight from Russia:

Just who do we believe; the US government which has consistently lied to us or the Russian government which has consistently lied to us.

Back in the USSR continues for the Russian forces:

Meanwhile, here is the latest from the ISW with their excellent map for 03.09:

More tomorrow and throughout the day via my Telegram channel. Please follow me there to keep up to date.

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