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03.13.22 00:30 UTC WORLD WAR III UPDATE: Iran Launches Military Attack on US Army Base in Iraq, No Response from Biden Junta

So much for a peaceful Saturday night watching one war in Ukraine.


From the UK Daily Mail, it was a US Army Base hit close to the US Consulate:

Multiple ‘Iranian-produced ballistic missiles’ smash into US Army base and Kurdish news channel office’ in Erbil in Iraq

And the Iranians were not shy about bragging about this:

More to come later as news filters in….

First the 12 missiles launched from Iran hitting the area around the new United States Consulate in Kurdish controlled Erbil:


There was visible damage in the area:

Now the rumors begin of a US strike on Iran but nothing so far and no comment yet from Senile Joe in the White House. In fact the anti-American posters on Twitter are already unloading on what so far appear to be empty threats:

The overseas rumor mill is in full gear, but this time possibly with some merit:

And it would appear to be 12, not 6 missiles as originally reported:

Meanwhile, online videos seem to confirm the origin of the attack was Iran:

If Biden fails to retaliate against the Iranians, the weakness it demonstrates will only come back to haunt his administration far worse than the Russia-Ukraine war has. Based on a State Department plain vanilla release just before 8 p.m. Eastern on Saturday night, there will be no military response and it is already being downplayed.

World War III is on the doorstep, and the West is led by weak, pathetic political elites. The Sunday night market open will be a sight to behold as it wold appear the Biden regime will allow terrorism to re-emerge in its full 2001 glory, leaving Americans to fend for themselves overseas.

Just one final thought; it’s a good thing the world is “quiet” right now or Senile Joe might not get any sleep:

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