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03.12.22 Russia-Ukraine War: Mariupol Continues to get Pounded

And it the unthinkable is being egged on by complete, total morons who believe the wildly inaccurate assessments of Vladimir Putin from the intel community of the West.

More than 40 GOP senators urge Biden to aid ‘transfer of aircraft’ to Ukraine

This is an example of the insanity which will trip the wire creating a potential globalized war leading to a nuclear exchange between the US and Russia.

While forty US Senators demonstrate their ignorance of global affairs and the end of civilization, the Russians replied this morning to NATO’s threats to send upgraded weaponry overland to the Ukrainian government (from Max Seddon, FT Moscow reporter):

I would say that’s a pretty blunt assessment of what the Russian military would do to overland or air cargo supplied weaponry coming from NATO nations. And for the ignorant, that is the unthinkable.

One day, if a nuclear war does occur, the question will be asked:

“What were they thinking?”

In the mean time, a World War II style conventional conflict is raging on.

Updates will continue this weekend on this thread and via my Telegram channel as time permits.

Time did not permit too much of anything today, so here is a final blast of a few videos and news at 2300. A new update for 03.13 will be posted tomorrow morning.

Mariupol is getting hammered:

And Mariupol from above:

More photos:

One last video again from the must follow on Twitter, @RALee85:

Meanwhile, if this is indeed an indication of a move into then central cities of Ukraine, then the Russian forces are preparing to make a move to seal off the southern route of supply into and out of Kiev along with any reinforcement into Dnipro, cutting off Ukrainian forces in the east.

The Financial Times also has a fantastic article on the Russian middle class and would could become a nationalist backlash against the West because of the economic war being waged.

‘The end of an era’: Ikea, Russia’s middle class and the new cold war

One of the key excerpts from this article is indicative of how some Russians are already preparing to dig in:

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The initial response of the regime has been to try and mobilise a nationalist backlash against the foreign brands. On Thursday, Putin said Russia would find “legal solutions” to seize assets based in the country from international companies that have decided to close their operations.

“Is there a reason why all these Pizza Huts and Ikeas and so on aren’t nationalised already?” Russia Today editor Margarita Simonyan wrote on Telegram on Tuesday. “Their shops, warehouses and quick-service cafés are on our land, our people work there — so what’s the problem?”

If anyone thinks China is not watching what is happening with keen interest, then those people are not serious nor paying attention.

Meanwhile, the newest aspect of modern warfare, the loitering suicide drone, is having a major impact in this war and will expand in use rapidly due to the cost effectiveness versus manned fighter bombers.

The economic war on Russian oligarchs could help fuel the nationalist backlash as some of the wealthy Russians begin to realize that economic relations with the West are irreparably destroyed. Another Russian oligarch’s yacht has been seized, this time in Italy:

It would appear that my assessment of the Russian military learning from the mistakes of the US military in Afghanistan and Iraq was quite incorrect. They are allowing their armored units to travel in open formation with no visible air support. Another example demonstrated below with a basic ambush:

Another indication that both sides are actively recruiting mercenaries because of the shock from initial losses in the war (from the WSJ):

Russia Recruiting Syrians for Urban Combat in Ukraine, U.S. Officials Say

In the Donetsk-Lugansk theater, key battles are underway which could lead to cutting the Ukrainian ground forces off from the West. One of them appears to have begun in earnest overnight:

Also, Mariupol is under heavy attack, just like yesterday and will probably have to capitulate soon.

Incredible footage from yesterday:

Lastly, a must read Twitter thread from Bill Roggio on the conflict and this reminder towards the end of it:

A final note: The reason in many cases I use images from Twitter instead of “embedding” is because of the high level of Twitter censorship. Many accounts are being purged, including those covering the war in Ukraine. It’s a fine line between information and propaganda and Twitter, like the rest of “big tech” has cast its lot with censoring any point of view they disagree with.-JG

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