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03.13.22 Russia-Ukraine War: 1800 UTC – Foreign Fighters Among the Dead in Yavoriv Attack

Today’s action is spreading far and wide as the Russian military is no longer screwing around and starting to hammer any resistance and points where foreign fighters and military equipment is being shipped into Ukraine.


Rumors of a proposed ceasefire, not a permanent settlement are running wild again. Personally, I shall remain skeptical because it sounds like an opportunity to pause and resupply Russian forces with the reinforcements arriving in Belarus and Rostov-on-Don from the Far East.


Meanwhile, the war goes on:


In other news from Russian state media outlet, RT, something most of us already knew:

Rich Russians turning to Dubai to evade sanctions – media

While that may not seem significant, that could prompt the Iranians to warn the Houthis to restrict attacks on Dubai and focus only on Saudi Arabia for now.

More information is now coming out from the attack on the Yavorovsky Training Center and it would appear foreign fighters were killed. Woofers is an impeccable source for real intel information:

Meanwhile, on the Northern Front, reinforcements continue to pour into Belarus:

Consolidation of smaller towns in Kherson region continues:


It appears the Russians finally are getting their act together. If this information is accurate, the Eastern escape route is about to be cut off and the Southern route within days, leaving Kiev an isolated siege city with no military supplies, food, electricity, or water. Zelensky will have to surrender.

In the Donbas, the war continues also:

I shall be adding more shortly as this is a dynamic thread and information is moving rapidly…stay tuned.


The first major attack occurred in the city of Yavoriv near the Polish border where the explosions from the aerial assault could be heard in some villages in Eastern Poland.

35 killed per some initial reports:

Meanwhile, the propaganda is still pouring out from Ukraine hot and heavy:

Under the same tweet a great response however for everyone to consider:

And apparently a message was meant to be sent by this attack, so how NATO nations interpret it should be interesting:

If this video is accurate, Ukrainian forces are about to be cut off in Southeastern Ukraine:

And the Russian Air Force is starting to work in support of its ground force a tad more:

Of course the Ukrainians still have some effective air defense systems, so this video is probably 100% legit of a RuAF shootdown:

Great post showing the difference between the advance in the north versus the south in Ukraine. Logistics are definitely a major issue Russian forces:

I shall have more posted later and throughout the day on my Telegram channel as events are accelerating globally today.

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