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03.14.22 Russia-Ukraine War 21:00 UTC Update: Kharkov and Mariupol Hellfires

There are fools, damned fools, and just plain old dumb ass ignorant idiots.

The latter appears to infest the West’s media and governments as they think that Russia has any reason to negotiate in good faith nor deal with the “threats” of their nations as the sanctions have not only infuriated Putin, but probably turned some of the oligarchs into nationalists agreeing with the pro-Soviet radicals currently holding sway as Putin’s advisors.

The pre-market action in tonight’s financial markets area again a dose of hopium based on headlines like these from the tabloid, the UK Daily Mail:

Needless to say, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuleba, is not so optimistic and told Bloomberg News again he sees little progress. Thus bringing the world full circle to what is next and what his happening now.

In reality, the Russian noose is tightening and the Ukrainian government knows it (from Reuters via the Financial Post):

UK says Russian naval forces have blockaded Ukraine’s Black Sea Coast

Add a naval blockade on top of a land war and all trade with Ukraine is basically at a standstill. The shock wave from Ukrainian grain and neon (used in semiconductors) being cut off from the world supply has yet to be felt, but will be soon.

Famine, war, and pestilence is here, yet most in the West are failing to see the tea leaves. Ask a resident of Mariupol, they can tell you; until the guns silence their ability to do so.

On to the updates and remember, further updates can be found via my Telegram channel throughout the day.

2100 UPDATE:

Odessa hammered from the air:

The ball is back in Senile Joe’s court to make some more empty threats apparently:

Kharkov getting shelled heavily earlier:

The UK Mirror breaks this exclusive:

Three British ex-special forces troops feared dead in Russian attack near Polish border

Mariupol burns:

India reminds the West that they failed to act like Trump did and welcome them into their sphere of trade. Thus the consequences of trying to reverse everything that was started before President Drool came into office. The US and Europe will pay a huge price (via the UK Daily Mail):

‘Russia is offering oil at a heavy discount. We will be happy to take that’: India looks to bail out Putin as it considers taking up Moscow’s offer to buy crude oil at a reduced rate amid Western sanctions

That’s going to blow up the so-called ‘sanctions’ the West are engaged in.

Kiev is going to run out of large anti-aircraft missiles soon:

Russia intends to lay waste to any capabilities that Ukraine’s once proud defense industry had:

Next update after 00:00 UTC on 03.15.22.


09:00 UPDATE:

To the victors belong the spoils:

Kramatorsk joins the party. And it’s a key, strategic city so look for intensification of attacks on it all week:

Mikolaiv is getting hammered also, even though it appears Russian forces are simply bypassing the city for now:

An interesting summary of action yesterday from a Russian perspective; I’m sure Twitter will censor this account soon:

And more video from last night’s blitz on Kharkov:

Meanwhile, the UK Sun highlights some of the Brits volunteering for service with the Ukrainians:

The attack from Yavoriv filmed from Poland:

Finally, this story from The Economist highlighting the siege of Mariupol:

The dire fate of Mariupol is a warning to other Ukrainian cities

And here is some drone video of that city, just wow:

And some old footage from March 8th I just became aware of showing a Russian T-72B engaging Ukrainian positions:

More to come throughout the day via my Telegram channel.

Don’t worry Kharkov, the US is preparing to “rescue” your people!

As Russia Wages War, US Army Trains Officers on Gender Identity

Maybe they should ask the Poles for help.

Meanwhile, more suckers, er, people who can’t read the small print are wasting their time:

Why do I say that? Check this article out from The Economist 1843 Magazine edition this weekend:

Fighters with Ukraine’s foreign legion are being asked to sign indefinite contracts. Some have refused

Key excerpt:

Priday was woken around 8am by a Ukrainian soldier banging a drum. In a canteen the new arrivals were served a breakfast of noodles and a “weird-tasting juice that smelled like gasoline”. Priday expected staff to assess the skills of the foreigners and attempt to slot them into suitable roles – many volunteers had no military experience. He thought he might be sent to a refugee camp to help the wounded and teach basic first aid.

…Instead, the co-ordinators explained that volunteers were expected to fight on the frontline. “You were told that you would go where you are most needed,” Priday said. They would get three to five days’ training. Staff informed them that the first two days would be devoted to rudimentary map-reading and medical skills; on the third day weapons would be handed out and volunteers would practise firing them on a range; then all of them – regardless of their prior experience – would be dispatched to the front. A Belarusian anarchist who had been through the training confirmed the abbreviated nature of it. He said he was told that new recruits were destined for Kyiv.

…The most troubling turn of events came just after breakfast. The volunteers lined up and were told that it was time to sign a contract: this stipulated that their pay would be 7,000 hryvnia a month ($230 at the time) and that they would have to remain in the Ukrainian foreign legion for the duration of the war. The contract put them under the same obligations as all Ukrainian men: under martial law, declared by Zelensky on February 24th, no man aged between 18 and 60 is allowed to leave the country. “If you’ve got any commitments at home, you’re going to lose them,” Priday told me. People might lose their jobs or even their houses, if they fall behind on rent or mortgage payments: “7,000 hyrvnia a month is not sustainable”.

Indefinite? As until death or victory?

Sounds like fodder to me.

If Admiral Stravridis is saying this in a Der Spiegel interview, than the propaganda from US sources about “chemical weapons” has to be considered white noise at best:

Putin “Doesn’t Have a Tactical Reason To Use Nuclear Weapons”

And he is 100% correct.

Khrakov is getting hammered again tonight:

More from Kharkov:

Another update from this morning’s attack by Russia on foreign fighters and supplies in western Ukraine:

And more:

The fighting is very fierce at the individual unit level, as this video demonstrates:

Mariupol will not last much longer, Russian SOF are on the perimeter per OSINT reports:

A must read thread from Tyler Rogoway of TheDrive, explaining the Russian dilemma regarding Western supply lines:

I strongly recommend clicking on the thread and reading all of his commentary.

To answer his other question, yes, heads will roll, and yes there will be money for it.

This is another bad sign for Mariupol:

They are hardened urban fighters and will not distinguish between civilians and fighters.

Finally, the Russians are realizing that the Ukrainian nation must be blacked out, even if it is one area at a time.

At least Russia got rid of Instagram, that’s a gain for them.

Remember, this is a dynamic thread so as news breaks, I shall update here or via my Telegram channel.

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