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03.15.22 Russia-Ukraine War: Consolidation and Cutting Supply Lines

Tonight has one theme:

Consolidation night.

It would appear the Russians are consolidating their gains and picking off Ukrainian units while keeping large numbers of defenders pinned down in the major cities. If that was the original strategy, it was executed quite poorly and the generals responsible should be visiting a firing squad after a visit to the Siberian portions north of the Arctic Circle.

If this is indeed the strategy, those areas for escape by civilians will be closing completely and by the weekend, much of the Eastern Ukraine cut off leaving those forces to surrender or perish as supply lines are cut.

Stay tuned as the situation is fluid and there are many variables heading into the next 48 hours.


In the heart of the original 2014 conflict, Russian forces are squeezing the Ukrainians into a dangerous salient around Slavyansk.

The fighting is quite intense:

Kharkov getting hammered again tonight:


And even more video:

And the bombs are falling everywhere in Kharkov now:

They are getting pasted, probably in retaliation for the missile attack against pro-Russian citizens in Donetsk.

Some Russian combat footage:

Lastly, a map update from the Institute for the Study of War to keep track of Monday’s action:

Remember, updates will continue throughout the day via my Telegram channel also.

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